Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun

This week it's staycation week! Meaning Brynlee is home from day care, and Jimmy and I are off. In case anyone was wondering, due to my fit throwing Jimmy wiggled his way out of scout camp. This is good and bad. Good in that Jimmy is home with me all week. Bad in that I learned that throwing a fit does work, and it does get you your way. I'm pondering on what I'll throw a fit about next. :)

Anyhow, yesterday my wonderful Donna (aka mother in law) watched Brynlee as she does every Monday. But instead of going to work, Jimmy and I grabbed some friends and went to Hurricane Harbor. So much better than work. In case you were wondering. I have no pictures from this experience on purpose. Me in a bathing suite sopping wet with a nasty fro is not good news. Definitely nothing that needs posting on the internet!

I've had bad experiences with water parks in the past. There isn't a roller coaster I won't go on, but I HATE water slides. So, one might think it's strange that I've been planning this trip to Hurricane Harbor since March. The truth is there is no where like a water park to get a great tan. And since being tan makes you look smaller and hides cellulite, well I'm all for that!

I made sure we went with another couple so Jimmy would have someone to go on slides with, and so I'd have someone to lounge in the lazy river with. So, yesterday I lounged in the wave pool and lazy river for about 4 hours. Yep, that is what my pal Chloe and I did. Lounge around while the boys went on every water slide in sight. I did go on 2 rids. I went on a raft ride with Jimmy. In hind sight that was stupid. Sure enough if he didn't rock the raft all over the place despite my squeals of terror. And flipped us over at the end when we came out. Oh but he didn't do that on purpose he said... right. For some reason when it comes to stuff like that I tell him I don't like it, so it makes him terrorize me even more. He was in the lazy river with us for 20 min and of course tried to shove me under and sneak up on me the whole time. He needs a little boy...

It was an absolutely perfect day. Perfect in everyway. Except that I did not get tan. I guess the 2 doses of SPF 50 waterproof sunscreen was overkill. But I've also gotten some of the worst sun burns of my life from water parks, so at least I'm not burnt. By the end of the day the bottom of my feet were in shambles. That whole system really is flawed. You either wear flip flops and have to carry them on rides. Or you wear those water sock things... no offense to those of you who sport those but no thanks! Can't do it. I'd rather have fried feet. So I did. Have fried feet that is. I spent any time out of the water running to shade and puddles to rest my feet in. Well I guess that is all part of the experience.

Today we took Brynlee in the pool in a baby floaty and she loved it. She did not want to get out. I have a feeling we will be using that floaty a lot this summer. Smart purchase on my part. Tomorrow is the mall, Friday is the zoo. The time in between will be filled with more trips to the pool and park outings. What a perfect way to ring in summer time!

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