Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I was 6, we moved to Simi Valley. We had lived in an apartment building up to that point, and I was the only kid. My Mom promised me that I would have friends to play with when me moved. We looked at a few houses in Simi, but one stuck out like a sore thumb. When we looked at the house my parents now call home (and have for the past 21 years) a little girl was playing outside at the house next door. She was my age! Her name was Ashley, and she had glasses on with little hearts on them (it's funny the things you remember). Ashley told us there was another little girl who was six in the other house next door to her. Two little girls to play with!

Even though we looked at a few other houses, my parents decided on that one. Because they wanted me to have neighborhood kids to play with, for the first time in my life. We moved in on a Saturday, and I could not wait to go see if Ashley wanted to come out and play. Ashley and I became fast friends. And have been friends ever since.

Ashley moved to Nevada a few weeks ago. After living her whole life in Simi Valley. After living the last 21 years of it here with me. Due to conflicting schedules, and conflicting points in life I didn't get to see Ashley as much as I wanted to recently. But as she moved I couldn't help but have an overwhelming feeling. And then there was 1.

In high school, Megan, Audrey, Ashley and I faced the unknowns together. A new school, new teachers, all new people. New feelings, new boys, new girl problems to argue about. There were the four of us. We were together before school, together during school, together after school. And then Megan moved. And then Audrey moved. And now Ashley moved. Ironically to 3 different states. Come on guys, really? Could you make it any harder for me to come visit? Megan is in Arizona, Audrey in Utah. And now Ashley in Nevada.

And then there is me. And then there was 1... I wonder why I stay here sometimes. When so many others have left and moved on. And here I am still. I like being able to drive by my old elementary school. I like shopping at the same store I've shopped at for over 2 decades. I like it here. But it's more than that. I feel like I've turned into home base. People usually come back here to visit at one time or another. And when they do, I'll be here. If I wasn't here still, I would never get to see most of these people.

A lot of people cannot live without a beach. Me? Eh. I could totally be land locked, no problem. The beach is nice and all. Not that I get to it much. But all that sand in places. So not a good time.

So, if I ever move I guess it will have to be Colorado? That is the only place that makes sense right? I liked it there the week I spent there. Not a big fan of ongoing snow though...

Anyhow, my friends have scattered like dropped marbles on a tile floor. And here I am. If anyone wants to come visit home base anytime soon, you know where I'll be!


Audrey Spence said...

Oh Lizard I wish I could come visit! I seriously would come back every year or twice a year if I could afford the gas to get there. You could totally do CO! Its closer than we are now! It is funny how we all ended up in a different state. At least we're still pretty close though! You can get to Ash in like 4 1/2 to 5 hours. Oh and UT is landlocked and although we have snow its not as much as CO sometimes. Like how I just keep trying to get you here. I'll never give up :)

Heather and Spencer said...

I am still here too! We really do need to get together more often!