Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ready to Run!

Or toddle. Ok really waddle. Brynlee is walking walking walking and she is all over. So, last week I took her to places where she could run free!

Here she is enjoying a waddle at the park:

She is a climber. My mother in law called it. Perhaps because she has seen the signs before, 7 times over. Everywhere Brynlee goes now her leg comes up and she tries to climb.

And tries to climb in weird places. She could just go around to the other step, but nope wants to try to wedge her way in here. And she did. Eventually.

Needed to make a pit stop to try to remove her space shoes. At least that is what I think they look like. They remind me of an astronaut. :)

And after playing in the hot park it was time for a snack and some a/c at home.

Later that week, it was on to the zoo.

Where she did this at every animal exhibit:

At one point, she squealed so loud when she saw a mountain goat a lady behind us asked if an animal was making that noise. Nope, just my kid. :)

Discussing animal facts with Dad.

Lastly...seriously? How crazy are Koalas? My mind is boggled on how this can possibly be comfortable. Especially comfortable enough to snooze away.


Heather and Spencer said...

Ryan was-still is a climber...have fun!

Audrey Spence said...

I would consider Charlotte a partial climber. Thank goodness it has never clicked to try and get on our counters. When that day comes I'll be in BIG trouble. I can't believe how big Brynlee is! She is such a cutie!