Friday, June 3, 2011

One Year Old and Wiser Too

On May 22nd, Brynlee turned 1 year old!

In some ways it feels like this past year flew by. In other ways, it seems like I haven't slept in or had weekends full of "me" time in 20 years... it's an odd sensation.

Since Brynlee's B day fell on a Sunday, we had her party the day before. The weather was beautiful! I could not have asked for better.

Brynlee was very enthused about her first present. And did not want to get off it the whole party.

Uncle Robbie was a trooper and pushed her for a while.

She made out with quite a loot! That I had to help her open as she was hypnotized by all the pretty paper and bags. That's a baby for you. Just give her a bag and tissue paper and she is happy as a clam!

Tessa made her this beautiful cake.

Which she proceeded to devour.

And in the end it looked like this:

We shot some good video footage that I'll have to stick on here. When I' in a patient mood, which is not now. :)

Brynlee also got several books which she thoroughly enjoyed. A reader, just like her Mom. :)

All and all I'd say she had a great birthday. If she could talk I'm sure she would agree!

She now:

-Screams when she wants anything. Or is angry. This is not my favorite habit...

-Has taken a few steps here and there but is in no hurry to walk. And I'm ok with that. She will do it when she wants.

-Has become a picky picky eater. Ugh. The eating battle that will continue for the next 15 years I'm sure.

-Is getting put in timeout when she does something wrong. Not a long time out, but a short 30 sec one. It might seem early, but we can't have this little tiny tyrant running around all the time.

-Is too smart for her own good. She can almost reach our doors to open them. We don't have door knobs so we will have to find another method of childproofing. And knows what button she needs to push on the baby gate to get it open. If she was strong enough to push it she would probably be able to open the gate.

Happy Birthday Brynlee!


Audrey Spence said...

Charlotte has a little car thingy like that but she'll never ride it. She likes to jump off of it. I wish she'd ride it instead. Happy Birthday to Brynlee! Hopefully I get to see her before she grows up too much!

Heather and Spencer said...

Sorry we missed it! It has been crazy around here lately! As for the screaming- have you thought about signing with her? I wouldnt worry about learning/teaching her a whole lot...just a few words. For the things she wants/screams for most. It saved my sanity over here! Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl!