Monday, May 2, 2011


Ok so this is my 2nd post in 1 day. What a treat! To think that some people only post every 4 months...

Anyway I've always wanted to do a blog challenge. You know, 30 days 30 posts. I found a challenge online and did not read all the days yet because if I do I'll probably back out and not do it because there are bound to be some things on there I do not want to talk about.

It's already May 2nd so I'll do my post for May 1st and 2nd in this one. Wow so much blogging today! :)

Day 1- Your favorite Song

This is kind of tough for me. I like a bunch of different songs. Really, I have to pick just one? Hmm...this one is probably not my absolute favorite but I really like it. And I don't know what my absolute favorite is and it hurts my head to think about so I'm going to go with this:

Hey Soul Sister by Train.

It's funny I picked this song. Jimmy hates it. Whenever I play it he sings loud and obnoxiously off key to try to be annoying (mission accomplished!).

It came out right around when Brynlee was born. When she was new, I had to do this crazy dance around shake routine with her to get her to sleep at night. So every night I'd put on this song and dance with her around my house. Usually by the end of it she would be asleep. I'd put her in her crib and she'd pop right back awake (curse!). But eventually she'd stay asleep once I put her in her crib. It makes me think of summertime and babies and sunshine. And it makes me want to dance so I like that.

Day 2- Your favorite Movie

Another one of these? Maybe this is why I haven’t done these before. I can't pick this one very easily either. I love a lot of movies, but I gues I'll go with:

Runaway Bride

I love this movie. I think the first time I saw it was 15 and at my friend Audrey's house. I proceeded to fall asleep in the middle of it. Ha! It was not movie love at first sight. But then I watched it a few dozen times and it grew on me. And grew. There was a while there when I watched it every night. I love Julia Roberts. I love Richard Gere. I love them together in that movie.

What will day 3 hold? We'll just have to wait and see (unless you too are doing this challenge and then you know already).


Audrey Spence said...

I like that song too! It reminds me of summer too! I would have the windows open and a nice breeze blowing through and Charlotte and I would dance to it. That and Say Hey by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Great songs! Oh and of course Runaway Bride is a classic. I love to pop those movies in every now and again when I'm doing stuff because I have them memorized. Oh and on a totally different note. I had a dream that you, me and Ashley went on a cruise together. It was so fun! I think we were in the Bahamas but there was this place you could get a job for the day and earn money and we all could barely afford to go so we did that so we could earn money. How weird is that right?

Grace Ni Riain said...

Hi! I love runaway bride too! Love any movies with Julia Roberts in them!