Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 10 and Day 11

I missed a day. Oops. Yesterday sucked big time (one of the worst days I've had in a long time) and I was not in the blogging mood.

So, Day 10- A photo of your favorite place to eat

I'm not sure why I have such issues with these "favorite" topics. Favorite songs, movies, etc... I can't just pick 1!

So, maybe I'll break it down by category.

Fast Food-

Yep that's right I said it. I love it there! I'm sure some of my readers are writhing on the floor in agony at the thought of eating at Mc Donalds. Geez when did it become so un cool to eat there? Well always one to march to the beat of my own drum, I'm lovin it there. Fat/calories/MSG/crack whatever is in there food and all!

Family Dining-

You'd think because I worked there I would not like it! But nope, I love it here too. Really the menu is so versatile. They have everything there.

Expensive Dining-

I'm not sure if this would fall under everyone's idea of expensive dining, but it can get pricey! I love the bread, the steak. Ah. So good! We went there for dinner on my birthday this year and it was tasty! :)

Day 11- What's in your makeup bag?

Well, a lot. Which is funny because my make up has really become minimal. I remember in high school I would pull out all the stops. Mascara, eye liner, foundation, lip gloss, blush..

Now on Pilates days I usually don't even bother putting any make up on. I'm not one of those who looks good without either. I need that cover up, believe me! But I'm just lazy. So, in my makeup box ( because a bag would be too small) I have bare minerals foundation, blush and under eye brightener. I also have an assortment of eye shadows and lipsticks, mascara and eye liners.

I usually just wear foundation, mascara and eye liner. I'm to lazy to put on all the other stuff, and waaaay to lazy to take it all off at night. Ugh. What an ordeal. I'm not sure how often I put on mascara actually because I went to use it the other day and it was dried up. Hmmm.. when did that happen? I couldn't remember the last time I used it! Now I have to go spend $10 on new mascara. Jeez when did make up become so expensive?

In other news, I had a perfect first Mother's Day. It was wonderful. Brynlee made me paper flowers in a pot at school on Friday, and Jimmy surprised me with them on Sunday. I'm not going to lie, they made me cry. The first of many homemade gifts to come. I love them!

I'm feeling a bit under the weather, again. Yes again. Brynlee has had a runny nose for almost a month now. Surprisingly I have not brought her into the Dr. It seems as soon as you tell them your kid is in daycare, they assume that is the culprit. But how long is a runny nose supposed to last for? I'm trying to remember when she could breathe normally, and I can't. Poor thing.

Our weather here was really warm last week, so I took my first dip into our pool. Working from home comes in handy on days like that, because I can go lay out and swim on my lunch break. It helps to break up the day and relax me a bit. I loved it. Except I don't think they believe in heating my pool until summer. That is if they heat it at all. Because it was freezing! It was the first of many pool dips to come!

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Audrey Spence said...

I honestly believe mcdonalds fries are injected with illegal substances so that is all I crave. Good thing I can't afford to go there often! I'd be huge! But let me tell you.... when one of those golden sticks of glory touch my tongue... it's like magic. And I melt. Darn french fries. Why can't you be healthy?

I cry over simple things too. Scott just wrote me a note on a piece of paper since money was tight this paycheck and he had Charlotte do one too and it was so simple. A crayon on lined paper but I got all teary eyed. It was so sweet. I'm a bawl baby though :)