Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 12

Day 12- Your current relationship

I am married. Well this is going to be a short post... just kidding! Ah marriage. Where do I begin? It's funny that this post should fall on today, because Jimmy and I just had a HUGE fight the other night. That ended in me throwing things and not talking to him for a day. Yeah... I'm PMS'ing too. Not that it's an excuse, but still.

The day care is closed for the last week of June. So, Jimmy and I both took that week off work so we can do fun stuff together as a family. Go to the beach, go to the zoo, play in the pool. Stuff we don't normally get to do together because time is short. Saturdays usually result in us dragging Brynlee around running errands. Sundays we go to church but don't go out.

So, I've been super excited to have a week together to relax. No errands to run, no time clocks to race. Just my family and lots of fun in the sun.

Jimmy is a boy scout leader. He told me back in Feb that he wanted to go to scout camp for a week. Ha ha good one! Leave me with the baby for a week... that's a good joke!7 days? Who does scout camp for 7 days? When we found out scout camp was during the week of our vacation that closed that book. No scout camp this year. Until this weekend when Jimmy found out that they do not have enough leaders for this scout camp, and if he does not go or find someone else to go the whole camp will be canceled. Yeah.

He put of telling me this news because he knew I would be irate. Finally on Tuesday he dropped the bomb. And I exploded. And cried. And had a fit. I guess he only has to go to 1/2 of it (he found someone else to go to the other 1/2 of it). So he will be gone from Saturday to Wed ( meaning traveling home on Wed, so that day is shot).

Some people might think I overreacted a bit. And I guess I did. I'm still upset though. Because now the visions of relaxing and doing fun things together that have danced in my head for the past 4 months are gone. Or cut in 1/2. Not that I would want the camp to get canceled. I'm not THAT selfish. :) I know he is making the right choice. It just SUCKS big time!

So life throws you curve balls, and plans change. What can you do? Not much, except for throw things and get angry. Been there done that...

Marriage is about compromise. I realize that he was put in awful position. And it's not really his fault. I'm sure I will remind myself of that many times during that week when I'm on 24/7 baby duty and Brynlee is driving me nuts. I keep saying I'm not a single Mom for a reason. Or a military wife. I'm just not cut out for it. I need a break now and then.

Most days I'm happy to be married. Some days I wonder what I got myself into. But that is normal. I think. I hope? Maybe I'm just digging myself a bigger hole here. Anyways, looking forward to day 13!

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Audrey Spence said...

Maybe you and Brynlee can go visit Ashley and I can come down too. That could be fun! Try having Jimmy be a scout leader in UT. They do scouting stuff like all the time. I swear at least one weekend a month they have a trip planned. Scott could never go cuz with him being the only one working we need the hours. He kinda gets crap from it but we don't really care. But I have my own issues with all the scout stuff and taking the men away from their jobs and families. Maybe that's just me. I think its ridiculous how much stuff they do.