Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 3

Day 3-
Your Idea of a Perfect First Date:

I have not been on a ton of first dates, but I've been on a few. And they all had one bad thing in common.

Eating! Eating in front of someone you hardly know while trying to make conversation is tough. I remember on one date I ordered a mushroom Swiss cheeseburger. Ha ha so typical of me. I love my cheeseburgers! Anyhow there we are trying to talk and my breath smells horrific and I probably had mushrooms hanging in my teeth. He didn't seem to mind though, because he asked me out again. But I decided after that I'd order more date friendly food next time.

My first date with Jimmy I didn't even touch my food. He probably thought I was so weird. I was so nervous and self conscious. The last thing I wanted to do was dive into a sampler platter at Yankee Doodles!

Guys are so hard to please. You complain if we eat too much because you don't want to date a future fatty ( my husband has not said this, but I've heard it from others. True story. Men...), but if we don't eat you complain about that too. What is it you want exactly then?

So, my ideal first date would not involve eating right away. I think it would be a trip to the park. A day date, not a night date. I love the park. Maybe spread a blanket out on the grass and just chit chat and get to know each other for a while. We could play some park games like horseshoes or Ladder Golf. I guess we could eat after that, once I was more comfortable. And I probably would not be ordering some giant smelly cheeseburger. I'd reserve that for date 2. :)

No kiss at the end. I never liked that either, someone who tried to kiss me on the first date. You usually don't even know each other at that point!

It's strange talking about this, considering I'll never have another first date again. Thank Goodness!


Heather and Spencer said...

What is sad is that I don't know if Spencer and I ever really had a true first date! Our first time hanging out together alone, he got stuck changing the oil in my car. So I guess if that counts as our first date, then he deserved the kiss he got that night! I do agree with the food thing...awkward.

Audrey Spence said...

I'm with you Heather. I don't know if I ever had a real first date with Scott until we were officially together. I guess we were backwards. We counted the day we first kissed as the day we started dating. Our first date would have been the following Sat. He was really hot though... can you blame me for not rejecting his kiss?