Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 18

Day 18- 5 things that irritate me about the opposite/same sex

Ok I realize there will be exceptions to all these, and that I'm speaking in generalities here.


1. They don't listen. Or if they do listen, it's not very well. And not when I'm talking.

2. They think their way is the best way, even if it's not. And even if their way is stupid and makes no sense.

3. When they attempt to bake/cook something, they make huge messes in the kitchen. Like a bomb went off in there or something!

4. They are superficial and care more about what is on the outside than on the inside. I'll never forget when I was on vacation one time with Ashley. We were with my cousin and walked by a group of guys. The guys proceed to say "attractive" or not "attractive" about all the girls walking by. Seriously? Who does that? Out loud and then laughs about it with their friends. Ooh it gets me fired up just thinking about it. The worst part is, it's not like this was a group of Brad Pitts either...

5. They don't think before they speak.


1. Fake! Pretending to be nice to someone's face, and then being mean to them behind their back.

2. The drama. Everything is the end of the world, everyone is out to get them, etc.

3.Competition. Refer to my post a few weeks ago. We all feel the need to compete with each other. I'm not sure why. I hate it!

4. Lying. It seems to me that women tend to lie more than men. Maybe that is because men don't think before they speak.

5.The judging. I guess this ties into the competition thing. But everyone judging each other. It's not good.

This post was pretty negative, so I'm going to now list 5 thing I like about each sex. To end on a good note.

Men, part 2:

1. The way they smell.

2. The way they can calm you down when you are freaking out. And make you realize it's really not a big deal after all.

3. The way they are always willing to kill that spider/rat/cockroach whatever. Eww.

4. Their competitive nature. This can be a bad thing, but if it drives someone to be better then what the heck.

5. The way it feels to hug them.

Women, part 2:

1. Always an empathetic shoulder to cry on. When you cry, they cry. We all cry. Together.

2. When periods synch up together. I love that. I'm not sure why. It makes me feel like sisters in menstrualdom.

3. They cook for you. I'm lucky enough to have been friends with some really great cooks and bakers. Yum!

4. When they boys are getting too competitive over a game, other girls are willing to throw the game with you in order to keep the peace and keep the monsters at bay. Winning is NOT that important.

5. They will do your hair and makeup for you! And let you borrow clothes if you need them.

Ah, that feels better. I love everyone! :)

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Audrey Spence said...

I had to laugh at the positive one for the guys when you said "the way they smell." For my husband, I totally agree. He always smells good. He never stinks. Even after work. His deodorant is amazing (he's tried to encourage his brother to buy the same:)) But sadly not all men I know are like my husband. The nastiest ones work with my husband and words cannot describe the stench. It's really sad but I wonder why these guy's wives don't help them out.... its bad! Oh and then reading some of your negatives under the guys... I kinda wonder if I'm like a man sometimes. I feel really bad because Scott repeats a lot to me. I swear I'm listening but its like my brain doesn't retain the information so I ask him the same thing a few minutes later. Poor Scott. Maybe it's that fall I took back in the day? I also tend to think I'm right or my way is best but Scott's usually right... not me. I'm learning :)