Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 7

Day 7- Your Dream Wedding

Nah. I'm not doing this one (here I go deviating from the list on the 7th day!). I'm going to talk about my dream honeymoon instead.

On our actual honeymoon we went to San Francisco. Far away and exotic, no. But lots of fun, yes! Really cold in January though. One day we did a double decker bus tour of downtown San Francisco. I was so excited to sit on the top deck of the bus. But it was FREEZING!!!! I think I lasted up there for a little while in the cold and rain but then I gave up and went on the lower deck.

Anyhow my dream honeymoon. Have I mentioned that I like to travel? Oh that's right, probably about 100 times. :) So, for my dream honeymoon we would just go all over the place.

We would start in Paris, of course. I will get there one day, I don't care if I have to sell an organ to do it (I'm not kidding about this either, whatever it takes!). Then we would tour around the rest of France. I've heard the French countryside is amazing.

We would next hit up the British Aisles, all of them. England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Next it would be on to Germany and Russia. This is a dream, so Russia would be safe and I would not fear for my life like I would if I went there now. After that we would go to Italy and Greece. We'd hop on over to Egypt so I could see the Pyramids. We'd then go onto Australia and end in Hawaii. Whew, we would be tired! :)

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Grace Ni Riain said...

Hi Liz! I love this post. I just got engaged and have been thinking about planning my wedding and what my dream honeymoon would be too and it would be similar to yours too! If you have any wedding tips, please let me know. my blog is