Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 13

Day 13- Your views on drugs and alcohol

I'm Mormon. The end. Just kidding. It could be the end though. I'm 27 years old, and have never had an alcoholic beverage, and have never done any drug. I think that is pretty neat. What's even neater is that my husband is the same way. So, when Brynlee gets older and we tell her not to do things we can honestly say we have never done them.

I have been tempted a time or too. But not tempted to the point where I thought I would give in. I'm usually surrounded with people who either share my beliefs, or if they don't they respect them and have never pressured me.

Jimmy happens to be friends with mostly non Mormon people. He is going to kill me for sharing this, but here is him a nut shell:

Notice anything odd here? Like how everyone else is drinking a beer and he has a Dr Pepper. I love this picture; I think it's so funny.

I look at how expensive alcohol is. It's crazy! I can't imagine spending that much money every time I went out to eat. A soda at $3.50 or so a pop is bad enough. Not sure how much drugs are... but I'm imagining those are expensive too.

Either way my view on drugs and alcohol is no thanks!

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