Monday, February 23, 2009

Yep, We're one of Those Couples

Flakey. We have become just completely flakey when it comes to being invited to things. We don't RSVP to anything by the requested RSVP date, in fact we don't RSVP. We either show up or we don't. If we do show up, we will without a doubt be late. If it's an occasion in which presents are customary, we'll show up late, without RSVP ing, and empty handed. It's a wonder anyone even invites us anywhere anymore!

Can I just come right out and blame Jimmy for this (He is going to love this by the way)?

I used to be on the ball with things like this before I was married. I was never late anywhere, if anything I'd be early. I always RSVP'd by the requested date. Even now, if it's something that I'm attending by myself, I'm back on the ball. But when it comes to events involving both of us I revert to the flakey behavior I'm sure we've become known for by now.

Jimmy's cousin is getting married, and we received the invitation over a month ago. The RSVP date is fast approaching, and as you can imagine, we've yet to send in our reply card. It is however sitting on the counter, sealed and ready to be mailed in (where it has been sitting since the day we received the invitation).

Why? Why did I fill out the card, stuff it in its envelope and put it on the counter rather than in the mailbox? And furthermore, why do I just look at it on the counter every time I pass it and leave it there rather than mail it in? Am I that lazy?

Yes. The truth is yes. Living in a condo, my mail box is not right outside my house. And while it is by no means far from my house, it is far enough away that I don't feel like walking the reply card to it.

Maybe it's time to turn over a new leaf, and wash our flakey tendencies down the toilet. I'll let you know how that goes.

Lastly, at the Oscar's last night, anti gay protesters rallied outside. While Mormons where targeted, singled out and in some cases attacked after the whole prop 8 thing, I'm happy to point out the LDS church did not join in the protesting last night.

After Prop 8, Mormons were accused of hating gay people and being a religion of closed minded bigots. If that where the case, wouldn’t the LDS church have encouraged its members to be part of the protest last night? However, we were not there shouting obscenities and sentencing gay and lesbian people to an eternity of burning in hell like the other people were.

It just confirms what I've been trying to say all along, it was the attempt to change the definition of marriage, not gay people that I had a problem with.

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Megan said...

Ah Lizzy - I so miss you! We are a bit on the flakey side as well and I am sorry to say it just gets worse with kids. Very well spoken on the prop 8 issue - your blog is always a good read for me!