Friday, February 6, 2009

Movin On

Tomorrow is my friend Audrey's 25th b day! Audrey and I have been friends since elementary school, and the fact that we're turning 25 this year really boggles my mind. Jeez time does fly. Anyway, Audrey moved to Utah in 2005 where she is now blissfully happy. Married with a house and a dog and a baby on the way.

Unfortunately a friend moving away is nothing new to me. It seems like just about every good friend I've had has moved away (with the exception of 1, but she is MIA recently...). I get why people move, but it still doesn't mean I have to like it!

I think part of me wants to stay here in Simi Valley and hope that one day they'll all move back and things will be like they used to again. I'm not going to hold my breath for that one though.

Even if they were to move back, it would never be the same. We are all married now (some with kids) and just different people than we used to be. But I'll always cherish those fun times we had and recall them fondly.

I have to say, all the friends that have moved do seem happier where they are, and that makes me happy for them. I do wish they'd come and visit more though.

So, in honor of Audrey's 25th B Day I'm going to list a few of my favorite Audrey memories:

1. 2003 ish, when we stole cones from a construction site and blocked off part off Fitzgerald. Watching people drive up to the cones, look around in confusion and then finally turn their cars around was so hilarious. That is still one of most fun things I've ever done.

2. 2005 ish, when we had a girl's night at Carla's house. We did shots of red bull and some kind of pure sugar non alcoholic drink mix. Needless to say we were bouncing off the walls. And later that night we stole election signs, wrote all over them and put them in people yards.

3. 2006 ish, when Megan and I got up at 3am to do your hair for your wedding. We were going on like 5 hours of sleep and had no idea what kind of hairstyle we were going to do. But, it did turn out pretty well If I do say so myself! ( Meg, I think we missed our calling as a hairstylist team!)

4. 2003-2005 ish, when we would dress up crazy and go out in public. Particularly in Las Vegas when I wore my "golf" themed attire, and you were a yellow and green sarong over hot pink pants. We got all kinds of attention that night, but I'm not sure it was the good kind.

5. 2003 ish, our road trip to Arizona. We spent way too much time in the car and ate nothing but crap for 4 solid days. But it was awesome and I'd do it again in heartbeat. The Grand Canyon was amazing!

There are so so many more. People come and go, but if you are lucky enough good friends and the times you share last forever.

Happy Birthday Audrey! I hope it's a great one!

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