Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling the Burn

Well I drug my lazy rump to the gym last night, and now I'm paying the price. My legs are on fire! Literally. I can't even walk normal, I have to stumble along.

See this is why you shouldn't work out! :)

I have to admit it does feel kinda good though. To know that I pushed myself last night enough to be feeling it today.

Now if I can just go to the gym more than once a week I might see some results...

Lastly, I finished another book. This one is called "Mr. Maybe" by Jane Green:

Wow this book was RACY! I mean it made for good reading, but if I had to rate it on the movie rating system it would be R for sure. Maybe even NC-17! But it sure was good. And funny. So so funny. I would just start cracking up reading it. I even read Jimmy an excerpt and he laughed so that says something.

It is written by an English author, so lots of swearing though.

I would recommend it for girls who like funny books with happy endings. Probably not best for those who are offended by blatant sexuality!

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