Friday, November 28, 2008

Something Nice to Come Home to

On Wednesday after yet another long day at work I started my drive home. I was thinking about all the stuff I had to do around the house when I got home, and it was enough to make me want to turn my car around and drive back to work!

When I got home, the house was quiet and there was no one there. I went into our bedroom, and it was spotless! Jimmy had cleaned it!

I went to gather up the laundry, but it was already done! Jimmy had done it!

I went to get something to eat out of baron fridge (we were well over due for some grocery shopping), and it was fully stocked! Jimmy had gone shopping!

I couldn't believe it. My mood instantly lifted and was so excited to not have to do those things.

I felt a wave of appreciation for my husband. He works 25 ish hours a week, he is taking 18 units in school, and managed to shop, clean and fold so I wouldn't have to.

Sometimes with the stress of work and life it's easy to forget how lucky I really am.


Scott and Audrey said...

husbands are wonderful aren't they. that is the best feeling. especially when i know we have a busy weekend and i come home friday and scott has the whole house cleaned. it is a great feeling. yay for wonderful husbands... by the way i watched can't hardly wait today and it totally reminded me of you! fire photons... pew pew! oh and the guy that plays mike in that movie is in twilight! i dunno if you read the book or saw the movie but he's carlisle cullen... pretty funny!

Megan said...

I had to share this post with Bry - what a great hubbie you have - so thoughtful!!!!