Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Band of Brothers and Me

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with Jimmy and his brothers. Craig, his brother from Arizona stayed with us for Friday and Saturday night. So me, in a house with 3 Cuillard boys. Yay! It wasn't all that bad really. Once you get used to the fact that everything out of Craig's mouth is either

a. Offensive
b. Embarrassing
c. A complete lie
d. Makes no sense what so ever

He is slightly entertaining, in small increments that is. :) On Saturday night Scott came over to play cards, so me in a house with 4 Cuillard boys. The numbers seemed to be increasing rapidly!

Luckily Tessa came over to have some needed girl time. We went to dinner and went in the spa to escape the seemingly never-ending stream of male chit chat.

However this weekend was definite learning experience. I learned a few new nick names for breasts, that flipping off a Cuillard has its consequences, and that I really more than ever want to have girls.


Craig said...

Ummm did I miss the breast conversation???

Anyways, we had a good time. Hope you didnt get too embarassed. Most of it is for a reaction....But hey, at least I vacuumed the floors for ya and ran a cable from robbys router to a new router for your machine. All good to go. No one died or even got physically touched..

Liz said...

Ha ha Craig it was a 24/7 breast conversation! Anyhow I know you guys had a good time, and I had some fun too. Plus you did vacuum and share all your food with me! So that makes you a pretty good house guest, even if you do say strange things. :)

You can come back anytime!

Bryan said...

You are a brave girl. I know I woulnd't last long with Bry and his brothers!I am glad you had time to escape to the spa...I am jealous!

Jody C. said...

Liz, at least you had to put up with Craig for a few days...i get him for eternity! Lucky me...lol and Craig vacuumed??? i didn't think he knew how to do that...

Liz's Mom said...

Love your blog and loved meeting Craig. Liz, you are such a girl. But that's okay, that's what you are.:)

P.S.-Hi Meg!

Jennifer Knight said...

I just popped on your blog for the first time ever from Jody's blog...and had complete belly laughs from this. I knew Craig way back when and was aware of a few others, so I get what you're talking about! Should it happen again you should bring up some really gross female things. Or that might just get them going more.

Craig said...

Ohh those really gross female things would probably end up in the gutter or something like that. Conversations turn fast and you will wonder how the topic changed all of a sudden.