Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Competitive Gene

Jimmy and I always joke that we are like polar opposites. Usually it causes problems, but with some qualities I think that is good thing. Like competitiveness for example.

We played a game at my house the other night, and it got pretty out of hand. Not that this is the first time that I've seen this happen with a game. But this time in particular left me contemplating how something that started off as "fun" got so heated.

Anyone who knows Jimmy knows that playing most games for him is like competing in the Olympics. Winning is a must. He is not always like this, I've seen him lose at a game and be perfectly fine with it. I think a huge part of it depends on who is he playing with and who he is playing against.

I on the other hand lose all the time. I've always been that way. I'm seriously athletically challenged, so I started losing at a young age. Sometimes it bothers me, but most of the time I'm ok with it.

If it comes down to a choice between me losing or everyone having fun I'd rather everyone have fun. Games are one of those things where I think the experience of playing is more important that the outcome.

Although I don't think my perspective is that great either. I have no competitive drive. I'm scared to get out there and go after what I want, or even try. I'm ok with just conceding and saying " oh well" and moving on.

So which is better? The person that dives in with all their might and plays like it's do or die? Or the person who is ok with just coasting along, and shirks away from competition? I think neither. A nice mix of both would be ideal, so hopefully one of our offspring will inherit that.

We had a chat with our home teacher a month or so ago about what our relationship would be like if we were exactly like each other. I can't imagine if we were both like me. Nothing would ever get done, decisions would never get made and we would just dance around our issues instead of talking about them. Or what if we were both like Jimmy? We'd both be angry, short fused, grouchy, and be constantly competing with each other. A relationship with two Jimmys? Now that is a scary thought...


Heather and Spencer said...

uh, how long have you had a blog and not told me about it?!?!? YOu dont care if I add it to mine do you?

Liz Cuillard said...

Heather we need to catch up! You can add me to your blog.

We should go out to dinner or something sometime, I want to see your crazy haired baby again! :)

Bryan said...

I think a balance is necessary in every relationship. Give a little and take a little. I think we take on a bit of each other's characteristics as time goes by, I am with with you on the competitive thing. Bryan will never play risk with me again because last time I declared world peace with the other girl we were playing with!

Heather and Spencer said...

I will for sure add you! Not too sure about being able to go out right now, but you are always welcome to come over! I am home ALL the time!

Craig said...

Ha...I wonder what nite it was he threw his fit? Was it cards he lost at????