Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ode to my Husband

I think I'll stop and take a minute to talk about what makes me love Jimmy.

There are some qualities he has that still proceed to shock and awe me.

He never thinks twice about helping some one in need. Be it a stranger, or his own flesh and blood. It doesn't matter if it's midnight, or 8am if you need help he will be there with bells on.

For example a quite some time ago we were on a road trip and stopped to get some food. As we went to leave the restaurant, a woman was trying to help her husband (who was quite elderly and larger than her) into the car. Seeing them struggle, I continued to walk by them thinking "man someone should help them". Not Jimmy though. He ran over there and jumped right in with no hesitation. It's a perfect example of us. I think about the fact that I should help someone, he just does it.

Another thing about him that I love is that he always wants to cuddle. Always. I never have to talk him into it, even if he is watching sports. He is always up for a little snuggle. He usually wants to cuddle more than I do ( I like my space while I sleep).

Even when he is grouchy (which happnes once in a while), he doesn't stay that way for very long. And he still has a sense of humor about things despite his grumpy mood.

He watches stupid shows with me, even if there is something on he'd much rather watch. For example he watched 90210 with me this week. Even I can admit that show is complete crap, but I still like to watch it. And he'll watch it right along with me, even though he hates it. He does it because he likes to spend time with me. It doesn't matter what we are doing. This Sunday we pretty much did all the things I wanted to do. We watched what I wanted and went where I wanted to go.

He may not be the most sensitive person. And he doesn't always show his feelings in conventional way. But he shows them in his own way. And I think I like that even better.


Megan said...

You are so lucky that he is a cuddler - don't take that for granted!! I really enjoyed this post - thanks for sharing!

Scott and Audrey said...

hahahaha... you know what i like about jimmy.... that shirt he had... the jesus is my homeboy or whatever. i remember when we did that fast thing and he came over to my house to meet with me and the missionaries and he was wearing that shirt... it was flippin' sweet... hahahaha