Friday, November 7, 2008

Side Note: " It's Over, Finally"

As soon as I wrote that post I found out the 1000's of gays/lesbians were marching to the LA Temple in protest. I understand that they are upset, and that they don't know what to do. But I don't think blaming LDS people is the answer. I don't doubt that if President Monson hadn't asked us to support Prop 8 that it would've passed. So I see why their frustration is fueled at us.

However if Prop 8 were to not pass do you think 1000's of LDS people would march angrily to gay and lesbian centers and wreak such havoc that they would be forced to close?

Do you think LDS church and it's people would post websites saying that gay people are an abomination and stole our right to have marriage remain between a man and a woman? Or make offensive commercials or call all LDS people to arms against Homosexuals?

I understand that this is heated, but some things are below the belt. They seem to forget that we didn't do anything wrong here.

We held up "Yes on Prop 8" signs, and when the time came we went to the polls and won. We only peacefully assembled and voted, two things that our US Constitution guarantees everyone the right to do.

Yet some in the homosexual community have lashed out, at us in particular for having our own opinion. Instead of being decent about it, they are spreading falsehoods about our church far and wide. Anyone who knows our church history knows that Mormons being under fire and bullied for believing how they choose sounds slightly familiar...

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