Monday, November 3, 2008

Klutz O Matic

I usually make fun of Jimmy because he is a major Klutz. He always seems to spill something. I tell him he should walk around with caution tape in his pocket so he can block off his frequent accidents. However since we have moved into our new house is clumsiness is rubbing off on me.

Last Tuesday morning when I stumbled out of bed I tripped over one of the many articles on our floor (our room is just a little messy right now) and fell into the bathroom door, hard. I hit it with my knee and instantly felt shooting pain. My knee got all swollen and I have this ugly bruise on it.

Then today, I was walking out to the garage to leave for work. There are about 3 stairs leading down from the house to the garage, and I missed the last one and completely ate it. Luckily Robbie's Mercedes Benz broke my fall. The car is ok, but I can't say the same for me. I fell off the stairs, bounced off his car and fell on the ground. My breakfast went flying. Ouch. I landed on my elbow, and now that doesn't feel very good right now.

Amidst these two falls that occurred in less than a weeks time, I've dropped numerous things as well. What the heck? I might have been a little clumsy before, but recently I'm the one who needs the caution tape.

On a side note, I played hand and foot every night this weekend ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and went 0 for 3. It's safe to say that game is not my strong point. It's hard enough to get someone to be on my team, now I'm going to start having to pay people!


Megan said...

I am sad I missed your call this morning. It would have been fun to hear this story from you on the phone. Sounds like you had some real falls - you sure you aren't preggo??! j/k

Robbie said...

WWWWWWHHHHHHAAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!! I'm so glad my car was there to break ur fall. And I don't think it's him rubbing off on's me. Honestly do you know anyone else as accident-proned as I am?

Heather and Spencer said...

Uh, when did you move and where? Also...I love Hand and Foot!