Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanksgiving Countdown, and Other Thoughts

It's coming in 17 days! I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the 4 day binge fest or about the 4 days off from work! Probably both. Due to the fact that my company hates Veterans, we will be open tomorrow on Veterans day.

My company basically hates holidays in general I think. We get Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's it. 4 paid holidays in a 365 day span. We don't even get the day after Thanksgiving off, but I'm taking it off anyways.

I remember my good old school days when we got tons of holidays off all the time. I guess it could definitley be worse, I could work at the grocery store where they are open 364 days a year ( maybe even 365 now, I'm not sure).

I find myself pondering a lot recently. About a whole slew of things. Sometimes I think the way life works is so odd. We ( if you are one of the unlucky ones who has to) work 40 plus hours a week every week. Most of us are away from our homes more often then we are there. And when we are there, we are sleeping 90% of the time. And we just keep working until...what? We are either independently wealthy or 80 years old? Ugh. To think about it in those kinds of terms is grim thought. Especially when you are 24 and might have another 56 years of working ahead of you. I guess if you have a job you like then you don't mind the time away from your home and family. However I don't think the majority of people feel that way.

So then, you have a weekend. 2 days that you need to cram all your errand running, relaxing and projects into. If you are LDS you really have 1 day. Who decided this schedule? Work 5 days, have off 2 days? It seems a little lopsided to me. Jimmy is quick to tell me that back in the yester years it was work 6 days, have 1 day off. For some reason that doesn't make me feel much better.

I mean when you think about the whole working thing, its nuts really. I mean the amount of time someone will spend working in their life, it's absurd. Yet practically everyone does it. When you have bills to pay, you don't have much of a choice. It makes me think I should've married for money! ( just kidding hun! well sort of...)

There is one thing I can say for working though; it gives you a sense of accomplishment each day. And it makes you truly cherish the time you have off. Friday nights I'm on cloud nine I'm so excited for those 2 days off. Even if I have absolutely nothing going on, it's 2 days I don't have to go to work so that is good enough for me.

On a slightly different note, how strange is it that you don't appreciate things until they are gone? I mean what is the point of that really? You have something, be it a possession, a person, youth etc. You take it for granted while you have it, then usually one day you lose it/her/him. So then you finally realize how great that thing was, but by that point it's gone. So you can't do anything about it. Usually you can't get it back, so you are just left with a pining/desiring of something you once had. Is there are purpose of that? I guess it is just a learning experience, but a crappy one still.

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How was your weekend dinner party?