Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A for Effort

In my quest to be the wife I've never been, I try to cook dinner every night. Yep, Jimmy has never had that. Ever! Even when we were newlyweds. My favorite thing to do for dinner is the "you're on your own" game, where I'll rummage for some food for me. And Jimmy can find his own food. This is not Jimmy's favorite game. As he usually ends up with a bowl of cereal for dinner when we play.

So, for the past month I've been trying avidly to make dinner every night, and have it ready or almost ready when Jimmy gets home. I'm not the best cook. I'm not sure why either, because I have all the tools:

1. I like to eat
2. I can read, therefore can read recipes
3. I like to eat
4. I like to eat

But alas, some of my meals are sub par. At least I can admit that. I consider myself fairly creative, but when it comes to cooking I just don't know what to make. I'm sure my pickiness in what food I will eat does not help with the monotony of our menu. I own about 10 cookbooks. I keep buying them, thinking that is the issue here. But I've realized that if a recipe calls for more than like 5 ingredients I mentally check out and move on to the next page. Hoping to find an easier recipe to make. Jimmy never complains about my wacky meals. Or boring meals. I think he is happy to not be eating cold cereal for dinner anymore!

School is going OK. Yes just OK today. When it comes to natural ability, I don't have a lot to be honest. So it's funny that I keep thinking I'm going to be great at these things right off the bat. I usually suck at first, and get disappointed in myself. Where did this mind frame come from? I have no idea.

We have moved on to wet hairstyling in my class. Monday was one of my lower days. At one point I got so frustrated I had to put my comb down and walk away for a while. Even more frustrating/embarrassing is that all my emotions seem to come out through my eyeballs so it took quite a bit of effort to keep from bursting out in tears in the middle of my class. *sigh*. I'm trying. Trying to be better at not being very good at things. Trying to be at peace with the fact that I have to work at stuff to master it. I must have missed the line where " natural ability" got handed out as a trait in the pre existence. I was probably too busy standing in the " un natural love of bread" line or something. :)

Tomorrow in class we will be putting curlers in each other's hair. I might have to take a picture of how mine turns out... it's going to be something. I'm not sure which is worse, trying to curler my already crazy curly hair ( and it's supposed to rain tomorrow as well, humidity will add an extra bit of fun). Or trying to curler my partners mile long hair. Both sound like a challenge to me! My partner's hair will probably not come out perfectly, but at least I'll get an A for effort. You can't say I don't try!


RachelAA said...

I loved this post - you're a rockstar!!

Megan said...

Oh Lizzy you make me laugh. I wish I could peek in on you in your class and watch you doing hair and all that fun stuff! I am so proud of you for following your dream and working so hard - super excited to see you in a few days!

Sarah said...

I'm way impressed with all your life changes! And I have to say you DO get an A!!! As far as cooking dinner every night-- I know what you mean when you want it quick and simple. Sometimes I like to go all out, but other nights I open a can of re-fried beans and make bean and cheese burritos. Or I'll make grilled cheese and and open a can of tomato soup. We've even had tuna sandwiches for dinner. But Brent's just glad he didn't have to make it! ;-) And it's the time you spend together eating that counts!

Audrey Spence said...

Okay first off, try the Our Best Bites cookbook or website. The recipes are so easy and there are a ton of choices. Also maybe go for crock pot stuff. Super easy to do. I think I have a book that is like all crock pot recipes with no more than 5 ingredients or something. Could be an option. Plus you can get really creative with simple stuff. When I don't have a ton of time I'll even just get refrigerator biscuits and you kind of flatten them into mini pizzas and add a little sauce and cheese (or other toppings if you want) and just cook it according to the biscuit time and temp. But seriously... crock pot stuff is so easy too. Stew beef cooked with a little garlic salt can be tacos or burritos. Cook chicken with bbq sauce and pork and beans and some brown sugar makes for some yummy bbq type food. I have lots of ideas. I like easy. Just cuz I get lazy when I'm pregnant :)
And as far as your class... don't get discouraged using the mannequins. Chloe has a harder time with those than with real hair. You'll do awesome I'm sure. It sounds like you've done really good so far. Plus learning techniques will take time. I could never do it and you've always had a knack for hair so stay strong! You'll be amazing when its all done!