Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Motivate Me

I had grandiose ideas about how my life would change when I started school. I'd have more free time. Time to work out, catch up on correspondence and clean. Well... I do have more time. But, it doesn't mean that any of the aforementioned get done.

I wake up each morning thinking about all the things I'm going to do when I get home from school. And I usually get home from school, scrounge up some dinner and then just veg out until I fall asleep watching TV at 8:30pm. I'm not so productive these days.

I'm not sure where my motivation went, but let me tell you. It's not here. It's like I used it all up, and now there is nothing left. Laundry needs to be folded, homework needs to be done and all I want to do is just sit. And sit some more. I'm worn out!

Having a toddler is exhausting. My respect goes out to the stay at home moms with toddlers. I'm not sure how you survive it everyday. Or how your toddler survives it for that matter. Brynlee goes non stop and it seems like I turn around and suddenly a horrific mess appears. I blink my eyes and she is running with scissors she stole from who knows where. She is getting taller there fore able to reach things she couldn't before. The things on my table are now in the very center, and all the stuff on the counters is pushed back as far as possible. And she still manages to get to it.

I find myself picking my battles more and more often. If she is getting into something that won't make too much of a mess, I just let her go at it. I don't have the energy to keep up any more. I am TIRED.

It seems like I go through waves like this and my motivation to do anything besides lay around leaves me. It will be back eventually. I'm just not sure my house will survive until that time!


racheyroy said...

ditto to this post entirely. one of my neighbors somehow taught her daughter she can only have one toy out at once and she actually puts her toys away if she wants another out. crazy. i admire her. i find that i have to set small goals for myself. i fold laundry while watching things, i set something to clean each day, i try to do productive things for jocelyn. if you have not been on pinterest, try it. i have found fun ideas for her that keep her busy so i can do things. or things i enjoy doing with her. i don't know if that helps but try it! oh and go on walks! its exercise and she will love it!

Audrey Spence said...

Organization is huge. I have a cleaning schedule so I can keep my house fairly clean. It's worked so much better than just letting it all fall on one day and let everything build up until then. Monday I vacuum and sweep and wash towels, Tues dust and clean all glass/mirrors, Wed. vacuum and sweep again, Thurs bathrooms and wash towels again (takes about 40 min for me to do both), Fri dust, clean glass/mirrors, change sheets, vacuum, sweep, and mop (can take me up to 1 1/2 if Charlotte doesn't cooperate). Most the time it takes a few min a day except for Thurs and Fri. I like my house clean for the weekend so we can use Sat to spend time together. I do laundry as needed and the other deep cleaning things as needed. Its really helped a lot. Charlotte will still make her messes with toys. Some days I can get her to take out one basket at a time and play with that then put it back before another is taken out. Today was a day I'm busy working on Super Saturday stuff so her room looks pretty scary right now. We have a lot to clean up before her nap. But I've learned that some days it is not worth the fight. Especially being pregnant. But amen to Rachel. Pinterest has some ideas to keep kids busy. I have homemade playdough that works like a charm. That and a few cookie cutters works. Or even just taking her on a little walk and let them walk and pick up sicks and leaves and just check out stuff. It wears 'em out and is usually a nice little break for you too.

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