Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Expect to not Accept

I think I'm pretty good at reading people. I can usually tell when someone is upset, or angry. Or annoyed. There are some people in my class who are pretty quiet. Not un friendly, but just shy. Timid maybe. They probably want to be left alone. I've realized I don't do that. I just pepper them with questions, probably obnoxiously so until they come out of their shell. And they usually do. They might try to one word answer me, and that will de rail me. For a while. And then I'll be back at them the next day. Until they fold and become friendly with me. It's like forced friendship.. the best kind! ;)

I don't know why I do this. It's like I want to be friends with everyone, and that idea that someone may not be friends with me is un acceptable. We got yet another complaint from our HOA. Our whole house is pretty sure we know who is doing the complaning. One man in particular seems to have a grudge against us. He is the grouchiest crochetiest old man. There is no reason for him to not like us, but he just gives us dirty looks all the time. And marches by our house, probably inspecting things to see if there is anything else he can complain about.

Because I'm crazy, it has been my mission since day one to break this old man. I smile at him, he frowns at me. I say "hi" to him, and he literally ignores me. I walk by his house all bubbly and friendly smiling at him while he shoots me looks of death. I will not yield. Other members in my house have different ideas on how to break this old man. Let me tell you, they do not involve smiling at him! But I'm determined to get him to like us. I refuse to accept that he just hates us ( because really, at this point it's probably gotten to hate status).

I know I should probably just leave these people be. Trying to be friends with someone who doesn't want to be friends with you can be exhausting. Let me tell you. But I can't let it go. It's the people pleaser coming out in full force.

I'm the same way when people do not get along. Or are in a fight. Even if I'm not involved what so ever I rack my brain at night thinking of ways they can be friends again. I just want everyone to get along with each other. Can't we all just be friends? Everything is so much nicer when we all get along. Is that so wrong?

I sat next to the nerdiest kid in science in 10th grade. Man, poor kid just kept to himself and did not talk to anyone. Well, that was not acceptable. I badgered him until he finally started to talk to me. He was an awesome guy! Really, he was an amazing person. See I never would have know that if I hadn't harassed it out of him!

I'm sure plenty of people think I'm super annoying. And that's ok. As long as they want to be friends with me in spite of that. :)

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Audrey Spence said...

Is that how we became friends? hahahahaha... j/k. What is it with this old man? Does he seriously have nothing better to do. Does he do that to other people that you know of or just you? I just think really? This is the only thing your life has going for you? You have to make other people's lives miserable too? Oy... but I'd probably do the same. Try to kill him with kindness :)