Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Scavenger

Brynlee is pretty funny. I think kids at this age are funny for a reason. It's all part of the divine plan to make you actually keep your kid. :)

Just kidding...well sort of. Depends on the day.

Anyhow, Brynlee is such a riot right now. She copies everything anyone does. Which is good and bad. It just means I need to watch what I do! She loves to eat. But not so much her own food. She wants everyone else's instead. She will eat her food, and then cry to get out of her chair. As soon as you let her out, she will come over and beg for your food. Which we all give to her because she is so cute. She is like a little puppy or something.

She will share her food to. I find goldfish crackers on all the chairs around the house because she is trying to feed them to Mitzie... Mitzie is not amused. At least Brynlee has the right idea. But sharing can lead to issues.

When I brought her to day care the other day she marched right in there ( she does actually march in there, like she owns the place) went up to another kid's tray and took some food right off. She shoved it in her mouth and said "mmmm". Oh boy. What have I created here?

When I went to pick her up from day care she did the same thing. Joan ( my daycare lady) told me that at lunch time she will say she is done. So they let her out of her chair. The next thing you know all the kids are screaming because Brynlee is going around eating all thier food. Oops. My bad. I guess I shouldn't have taught her to eat of other people's plates? Because now she wants to eat off of everyone's plates!

She is such a helper. Anything I'm doing she has to be right in the thick of it, helping ( usually not really being so helpful, but she is trying). She helps me change laundry from the washer to the dryer, she helps me make sure all the doors are closed around the house. If I give her something and tell her to throw it away she usually does it. Sometimes she gets distracted on the way to the trashcan.

Shoes and socks still come off at first chance. Despite the cold weather, because it has been really chilly here recently. I'll have pants and socks and a sweater on and she will be barefoot because she WILL NOT leave anything on her feet. Crazy kid. She is a nutty as ever!

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