Friday, October 14, 2011

Well Kept Company

Soooo, have I mentioned school at all? Oh yes, I have. About 400 times. And it's only been 1 month. Well, when you spend as much time there as I do it's no wonder.

I guess I could talk about how Brynlee has decided to remove her shoes, every time I put them on her. She has always taken them off, but now it's just exhausting. We ran errands tonight, 4 different stores. Had to put her shoes back on 5 different times....good thing her shoes are Velcro!

Anyhow, so school. On the first day they kept telling us to stay positive. Have a good attitude. I was so jazzed that day I didn't understand why anyone would have a bad attitude. Well people do. Have some bad attitudes that is. We have some serious complainers in there. It's funny how contagious complaining is. It's like once you start, it just rolls out. I don't want to get caught in that. I want to stay positive as much as I can.

So, I try not to surround myself with these people. And anytime someone complains to me about something, I counter with a positive about the same thing. I will keep a good attitude. As much as possible. School can be very frustrating, and I get that. But complaining won't solve anything. It's funny that I'm sitting here complaining about complainers. Ah the irony. :)

I find myself doing this not just in school anymore though. Whenever somone says something negative I try to counter with something positive. It's probably really really annoying. Maybe that is why I have to harass people into being my friends (refer to last post). :)

The gossip continues to worsen, so anytime someone says something bad about someone I try to counter that with something good about them too. This is equally annoying I'm sure. Pretty soon I'll have no negative remarks to counter because no one will be talking to me. Then I will have to harass them into being friendly ( again, refer to last post).

On and end note, I'm going to recap the text message conversation I had with a random stranger last night:

Stranger: Can you bring chicken salad on Saturday?
Me: Who is this?
Stranger: 26 cent
Me: I think you have the wrong number
Stranger: This is not Eden?
Me: No, but good luck with the chicken salad
Stranger: thanks

1 hour later....

Stranger: Can you bring chicken salad on Saturday?
Me. Still the wrong number
Stranger: Darn, sorry

That made me laugh and I'm not sure why. Maybe I should have offered to bring the chicken salad. It was a local number and obviously this person really wanted it!

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Audrey Spence said...

That would have been funny. Then when this person didn't show up with chicken salad I wonder how bad it would have messed up whatever plans were made. Hahaha