Saturday, February 26, 2011

Run Mitzie Run

We've entered what I'm calling the dark ages of babies. Brynlee is officially crawling, and she has got one thing on her mind. Mitzie. That poor cat. Mitzie runs, Brynlee follows. And so it goes. I'm sure Brynlee will end up with a few swats before she realizes that Mitzie does not want to play. Not right now anyway.

In my defense, we brought Mitzie home and the next week I found out I was pregnant. If I'd known I was pregnant before hand, I probably would not have gotten a cat. But I'm glad I did because I love her!

Brynlee is all over the place now. I knew it was coming, I guess I'm lucky that it took 9 months to get to this point. She has become quite a pain in the butt eating wise as well. If she doesn't want what I'm trying to feed her she pushes my hand out of the way and flashes the baby tude. I'm not a fan of that tude.

My friend has a 4 week old baby and I just saw her last week. It all felt foreign to me. The baby let me hold her, and she didn't push me away! The baby stared up at my happily as I rocked her to sleep in my arms. She snoozed away as I held her. Hmmm... Was Brynlee ever like this? It's hard to remember. Because now when I try to hold her she pushes me away. If I try to rock her she yells at me and pushes me away. If I try to hug her she pushes me away and pulls my hair. She just pushes basically.

And so the dark ages have begun. Ok I'm being a bit dramatic. There are plenty of fun parts about this age too. But I'm already missing a few months ago when I could put her down somewhere and she would just sit there. And when I gave her a bottle and she was happy as a clam.

I never realized how dirty my floor was until Brynlee started crawling and now finds all sorts of goodies on it. Yesterday she was trying to eat a tuft of cat hair. I guess I'll be vacuuming more often now.

She was the entertainment at church. She crawled all over, sucked on my chair leg for 10 min and ripped everything out of the diaper bag and threw it everywhere. She is now like baby Godzilla, wreaking havoc on everything in her path. But she remains just as cute as ever. I'm sure babies were designed that way, otherwise she'd be on the neighbor's doorstep by now.

Mitzie runs and hides under my bed from this baby terror, and I don't blame her. Sometimes I want to run and hide under my bed from her too! :)


racheyroy said...

Ha. Jocelyn was the exact opposite. She was not content until she chould crawl. Before I had to hold her all.the.time. Now I can actually put her down. its grand.

As far as cats. It gets better, we try to teach Jocelyn to be soft and she is still learning but she is nicer to the cats. They are pretty good at staying away when they want as well. Good luck!

Audrey Spence said...

I should give you Charlotte for a day. Brynlee will look like a saint. Charlotte has good days and bad days. But she is pro fit thrower. Church is fun. She does not like to be trapped in a pew and I have to bring 10 lbs of books and quiet toys crammed into the diaper bag to keep her entertained and lots of snacks. That hour of Sacrament meeting is the hardest to get through. It is truly a miracle if we can do it without her throwing a fit because she can't run down the aisle or play in the halls. I hope that Brynlee isn't as independent as Charlotte. And can you believe I want another? I must be crazy :)