Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Kriptonite

I'm not a big Superman person (or any comic really, I prefer gossip magazines. They are much more intellectually stimulating...), but the idea is Superman is well "super" human.

He can do all sorts of crazy stuff, but he has a weakness. Kryptonite. I think it's something from his home planet, I'm not sure. That is where the story loses me but needless to say when kryptonite comes around Superman goes down.

We all have weaknesses, Achilles heels of sorts. I have many. I could list them all day. Diet coke, all things fried, good girlie books, good books in general, good girlie TV shows, kittens, anything with the Eiffel Tower on it, McDonald's (yuuummmmmm). I could really keep going. But one in particular has really become a problem for me.

If you have a weakness, an addiction you should stay away from it right? Avoid temptation. If you are an alcoholic, don't work at a bar. If you have a gambling problem avoid casinos. Well, here is my addiction.

Yes, the store Target. I'm getting ready to post a sign in their window with my picture on it that says " If you see this girl coming in here DO NOT let her buy anything!".

What's even worse we now have 2 Targets here. 2! I was bad enough with 1. Somehow, every time I go there I go for 1 thing and end up with a basket full of crap and a hefty hole in my wallet. I bet if you looked at my bank statement you would see Target on there every other day. Or every day depending on the week.

What do I buy from there you ask? Really the question is what don't I buy from there! Clothes (for both Brynlee and I), hair stuff, food, more clothes (for both Brynlee and I again) games, make up, shoes accessories, cards, cleaning supplies, movies, cooking gadgets...

Ugh. Who created these super stores anyways? I'm not quite as bad with Wal-Mart, but I'm pretty close. I have the same issues there. I can probably count on 1 hand the number of times I've gone to the mall here in Simi. I avoid going there because I know it will be bad for my wallet. But for some reason I keep going to Target thinking I'm will leave with just one thing. Yep, denial. I guess it's not really denial since I admit it. More like insanity, in that I keep doing the same thing and thinking the result will be different.

Next time I think what I'll try is to just bring in $10 with me, that's it. That way I won't let Target carry me away!

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Heather and Spencer said...

Let me help...make a trip to Target a once a week thing. Before you go, check out these blogs: and
I am addicted to Target too. But since finding these lovely gems, I rarely spend over $15 a trip, yet still buy the same amount of things. It is a wonderful thing...I never pay full price for anything there anymore! Also, as for there being 2 Targets here...dont shop at the new one!!! Crazy as it seems, it truly is more expensive than the old one. I have seen the difference in their prices, as have friends of mine. It is worth it to go a little further to the old one...especially if using coupons that can potentially make items free (I do it all the time). Good luck!