Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maybe Just a Little

I made no effort to sugar coat how much I HATED being pregnant. Really, it sucked big time. Still now, usually when I think about being pregnant again I get anxiety and want to cry a little bit.

However after watching a few episodes of "A Baby Story" I find myself missing it. Just a tiny bit. Not enough to jump on the baby train again right away though!

Since starting day care, Brynlee is progressing by leaps and bounds. I guess watching all those other kids run is doing her good. She is a finger foods pro now. She still has to shove her entire hand in her mouth to get the cheerio in there too, but hey at least she is getting it in. I can't eat without her crawling all over me wanting to eat what I'm eating too. Even if she just had her meal. Usually what I'm eating is not baby friendly, so I break out the cheerios and she goes to town.

She is about 2 seconds away from crawling. ugh. Heaven help us all. I knew this time would come, but I'm not at all prepared. She can sit up on her own now. So, when we put her to sleep in her crib she springs right up and looks at us. Hmmm... I lay her back down, she springs right up. And so the battle continues. Jimmy lowered her mattress to as low as it will go to prevent any baby jail breaks. For now anyway.

She is 18.7 lbs and wears mostly 12 month clothes now. She loves shoes. If you leave your shoes around her (on or off feet) she will get them and proceed to suck on them. She loves hair. Oddly not my hair, but any man hair. Jimmy's hair was her favorite to grab (not that I blame her, he has amazing hair!), but he just got a hair cut so I think she is confused now. She like's Robbie's hair too. And Robbie's eye lids.

She is not the best restaurant diner anymore. She used to be happy to sit and hang out. Now, we have a about 20 min to order/eat/pay before her head starts spinning and baby devil comes out. A few weeks ago we went out to eat and Jimmy and I were shoveling our food in as fast as possible to get out of there before Vesuvius erupted.

It feels like she has been teething for 6 months, but still has no teeth. I'm sure I'll wake up one day and 5 teeth will have probably popped right up!

It's funny with babies. It seems like as soon as you get comfortable with the way things are, they go and change it up on you. The days of being able to turn my back on Brynlee for 5 seconds without her reigning terror are gone now. She is a baby on the move for sure, and in her mind nothing is off limits.

I think about going through all of this again when we have another baby. I think about how much work it has been, and the idea of doing it all over makes me cringe. But then I get excited too. Maybe just a little bit. It has to be easier this next time, right? I mean just because at least we know what to expect? And at that point I'll be able to have Brynlee fetch me things. She can start earning her keep around here!

I guess Brynlee won't just have cat brothers and sisters (as was my plan about 2 months after we had her...). I think about expanding our family and it makes me smile. Maybe just a little bit.


Megan said...

You make me smile! I think no matter how many kids you have thinking about a baby makes you smile. I am not sure it gets easier...but maybe you get the hang of it...and maybe not. Each baby is different, but I have to say it is SO nice to have my older boys be able to help with things with Maylee (sometimes helping TOO much). Can't wait to see you and Brynlee!

Audrey Spence said...

I definitely look forward to Charlotte helping. Now if I could just get baby number 2 underway I'd be set! I guess I shouldn't worry. There's a reason for everything. But I get really excited for it all again.
I feel ya on the restaurant thing though. Scott didn't have to work until 11am so we decided to hit up Denny's since it's be a looooong time since we went out to breakfast together. Charlotte made it about 20 seconds in the high chair then wanted to be in the booth. Then she didn't like her water and wanted mine. Then she just wanted out. Thank goodness for a random stash of toys in her diaper bag and rolling the cars across the table until the food came and she was good. Then we she was done with our food she wanted to run around. About a 40 min process. Not too bad :)