Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Prefer Unique

So, I'm odd. Surprise! I know everyone is odd in their own ways. But sometimes I find myself doing or not doing certain things and I realize just how strange I am about stuff.

I think I've listed of some of these things before, but in case you missed in here they are again.

1. I eat a different type of cereal everyday. I need variety in my cereal. I can't just eat the same thing every morning. Jimmy moves about his cereal 1 box at a time. If you look in my pantry he has maybe 2 boxes of cereal, and I have about 6.

2.I'm really weird about feet. I don't like to touch feet. Even more so, I don't like my feet being touched. I've given up on pedicures. I like they way they paint my nails, but all the foot rubbing and touching freaks me out. Brynlee is on a feet kick. She is always grabbing at my feet now and it drives me nuts. She will learn soon enough that my feet and toes are off limits. My toe nails must always be painted. Always, no exceptions. I hate it when my feet are dirty. So, I hardly ever walk around bare foot. I always have slippers, socks, shoes sandals, something on. Even more so I hate going to bed with dirty feet. I won't do it. If my feet do get dirty, they have to be washed before I get into bed.

3. I don't like biting things. I hate the feeling of biting like a turkey leg or something. I eat my lean pockets with a knife and fork. When Jimmy and I wrestle he always wins ( big surprise there). Usually as a last effort to gain the upper hand I try to bite him. But the idea of biting him freaks me out before I actually cause him any pain. I think about what I would do if someone attacked me and my only defense was to bite them. I like to think I would be able to bite them, but I'm not sure to be honest.

4. I will not eat chicken on a bone ( or Turkey for that matter, problem number 2 with the turkey leg). If the chicken has any sort of bone in there, nope can't do it. In desperate situations I will pick the chicken off the bone and then eat it. The only fish I eat is tuna in a can. Not fresh tuna, just tuna from a can. When I was pregnant I craved fish sticks once in a while. That was a strange one.

5. I don't like cereal bowls or glasses that had milk in them sitting out. It really bothers me. I'm not sure what it is. But they have to be rinsed out and then they can sit. The milk residue sitting freaks me out.

6. I have to drink my milk and eat my cheese ice cold. In fact I put ice cubes in my milk. If it starts to get close to room temperature I can't touch it.

7. I still love tents/forts/cubbies/secret lairs. I guess I never grew out of that phase. I'm bound and determined to have a tree house one day. I'll probably end up spending more time in it than the kids will!

8. I participate in a program where I write to someone who has cancer and is going through chemo therapy. I write to her once a week. My last girl I had beat her cancer and graduated the program. The lady I write to now lives in North Carolina and I love her to death. I guess this one is not so strange, but it's really rewarding. If you want to participate in it let me know, I'll send you the sign up application. You have to be over 25 to do it.

9. Before I go to bed every night, I plan out what Brynlee will wear the next day, complete with socks and matching head bow. Yep, I'm that nuts about my kid's clothes! The exception is Mondays in which my mother in law watches her. I let her pick out Brynlee's outfits because I know she enjoys dressing her up as much as I do.

These are just a few of the many oddities that make up my personality. I'd be interested in hearing about other people's quirks ( if only to make me feel better about mine...) if you want to share!


Audrey Spence said...

Do you still wear two pairs of socks that don't match? That was always my favorite :)

I hate milk and thinking about drinking it makes me want to vomit. Yet if I had a brownie or a cookie in hand or maybe pb & j... I would have to have a glass of milk or I might die. I don't get it.

Another odd thing... I don't like shower curtains left open. I'm not sure why but it kinda bugs me.

Oh and my socks have to be on just right. If that stupid little seam isn't in the right spot I will keep taking off and putting on my shoes countless times until it's just so. I've been that way since a tiny tot. Drove my mom nuts!

Heather and Spencer said...

Ice cold milk is the best!!! I am fully supportive of that one!

Liz Cuillard said...

Ha ha oh yes I do always wear 2 pairs of socks, and they usually don't match. I've been doing that one for so long it seems normal to me. Strange...