Monday, January 26, 2009


Well, I made it through the weekend in 1 piece!

FRIDAY, BABYSITTING: I didn't kill the kid! It was actually a boy we sat for, not a girl (I changed the sex in case the person being surprised reads my blog). All was fine until it was time to eat. I asked him if he was ready for dinner, and he said yes. Ok, so I try to get him in his chair. He was not happy about that! He started screaming and crying so I called in the reinforcements (aka Jimmy). That man was just born to be a dad. He immediately was able to calm the kid down, and even got him to eat. He was pretty much fine the rest of the night.

Until bed time. He was better than I thought he would be, but still got a little upset when we tried to put him in his bed. He was a doll though when I changed his diaper. The diaper looked kinda funny on him, so I hope I put it on right! So we tried to get him into bed and he started crying. Jimmy to the rescue, again. He read Green Eggs and Ham to him until he calmed down, and then the kid was out like a light.

So, this experience has made me realize it sure is good I married someone who is child savvy (Otherwise Lord help my offspring!).

SUNDAY, TALK: I thought I was going to blow chunks on the stand. Seriously. I've never been that nervous before. I'm not sure what the deal was. It was my turn to speak after a musical number, and as the number starting winding down I just wanted to run and hide. My talk went ok though. Not great, but ok. I did manage to discuss everything I wanted to (usually I end up skipping stuff because I panic). However, as per usual the water works started. Curse. I really thought I was going to make it through this one with no tears.

I hate the fact that every talk I give leaves me blubbering in front of the whole congregation. My make up runs all over, and then I'm stuck looking like I got ready in the dark for the rest of the day. My favorite!

SUNDAY, LESSON: This was the best part of my weekend. I only had 2 little girls in class this Sunday. But for the first time, they actually got what I was telling them. They paid attention, and answered my questions. I even ended up running the whole class time. I think I finally understand how to communicate with kids this age in a way that they get what I'm saying. And, there was an added bonus. The following is a discussion I had with one of the little girls, Chloe:

Chloe: Guess what?

Me: What?

Chloe: I drew a picture of you in school this week, it had curly hair.

Me: You did? Why did you draw a picture of me?

Chloe: Because I like you.

Me: You know what Chole, I like you too.

Ahhh the sweet feeling of success. Finally! I just might make it through this calling after all.

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Jessica Kay said...

I'm sure your talk was great. Women...and I'm sure you too..always underestimate their abilities. And you're probably great with kids noting a girl in your class draws people with curly hair =) that's really cute. But I do give you kuddos for your primary calling...that's my most feared calling and so far I've stayed away. I just don't know how to communicate with kids that age, and that's probably because I don't have any that age, but you make it seem a little easier.