Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Overload

I am happy to see that our country has come so far as to elect an African American president. It means that the way people think really can change, and that is indeed a historic event.

But something about this whole thing seems odd.

Did I miss something, or isn't it usually customary to wait until someone actually does something before we start singing their praises?

That's how it works in the normal world atleast. But in politics that doesn't seem to matter.

So Obama made a bunch of large and grand promises. Ok, doesn't every politician? Let's see what he actually does before we start calling him the savior of the country.

This has nothing to do with who I voted for (which will continue to remain unknown).

And Robbie, I completely agree with you on the money pit that is this inauguration. To be spending the kind of money something like this event must cost while the economy is crumbling seems just plain dumb.

On the radio I heard that there will be more celebrities in attendance for this inauguration than any other in history. If anything I think that is a warning sign! Celebrities don't really have a long history of making good choices...

But, I am excited to see what Obama and his staff members do. They talked the talk, now lets see if they can walk the walk. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

And I have to be honest (at risk of offending some), I'm glad to see Bush go. Bless his heart he looks like he aged 50 years since he's been in office. I guess having the weight of the country on your shoulders will do that to you. He needs to go take a long vacation and just relax for a while. I truly admire anyone that actually wants to be President.

On another note, Jimmy started school today and I'm so excited! Not really for him to be in school. But he has to wake up early 2 days a week, so that means I have someone to wake up with. It just makes getting up so much easier for me when I don't have to tip toe around in the darkness like a mouse. This morning I turned on the lights and turned on some music. I'm much more awake because of it.


DCuillard said...

Der Liz: I hope you & Jimmy have a great day!
I love all the historical stuff. I agree with you - way toooo much money spent.
But the peaceful transfer of power is always amazing to me. Our Founding Fathers were completely inspired!
Mom C

Jessica Kay said...

Hey Liz! Uh, how come I didn't know you had a blog?? It was fun reading your most recent posts though...congrats on 3 years!

Craig said...

I was awestruck by the over 2 million people, peacefully gathered for one united event. I was watching the inauguration on different channels. They did go over the costs for the inauguration. They said the inauguration is completely funded, minus the security, by private donations. Soooo in actuality, he was spurring some of the economy today by doing the inauguration.

As a side note, they said there were more security forces on duty for the inauguration than there are in all of Afghanistan. That is a lot of security between the DC police and the Military.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the inauguration today. We will see what he does accomplish. He does have a great deal of enthusiasm and has hit the ground running.

spencer said...

Your comment about $ being spent today with the economy the way it is is so true! I also love the comment about celebrities choices! I will admit, I think Bush did a great job with the crappy blows he was dealt, I don't agree with everything he did, but I think people should take some consideration with that. As far as him aging, I totally agree! Funny though, I think that since Obama was elected, he too has also aged! I guess it just comes with the territory! (Heather)

Robbie said...

I love all the new additions to your blog Liz! Now if I ccan just figure out how to win at Mexican train!!

Liz Cuillard said...

Craig, well said. I'm glad to hear that tax dollars didn't go into paying for the inauguration. However, it would've been nice if all that money donated could have gone to St. Judes or something!

Jessica said...

I did not see the inaguration because I was at work. They did play it in the conference room and anyone who's supervisor allowed it, was able to watch it in there. I must point out that the only people watching were African American. Why is this noteworthy? Well, of course Obama is the first black president and that's great, so of course they are excited to support one of their own. Maybe it's just how, where, or when I was raised but this isn't a big deal to me. I didn't notice he was a different color than I was. He's one of MY own. He's American isn't he?

spencer said...

A friend blogged about the inauguration too, I found it rather hilarious! You might appreciate it too...talesofanordinaryhousewife.blogspot.com/