Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Hitting the Fan!

Joe Torre, former manager of the New York Yankees has decided to write a tell all book.

For those not baseball savvy, Joe Torre was the Manager for the Yankees for about a decade or so and led them to several world series. However was not able to lead them to one since 2000. He left the Yankees after the 2007 season and went on to manage the LA Dodgers (which is where he is currently). He did not leave the Yankees on the best of terms.

Normally, I think tell all books are crap. People trying to make a buck or two by airing everyone else's dirty laundry has never seemed like an admiral thing to do. But, I have liked Joe from the beginning. Even when he managed the Yankees (yes it pains me to say it), I liked him. I just didn't like his team. He seems like an honest and fair guy who goes with his gut and tries to do what he thinks is best.

So, his book is coming out and word is there is some pretty good stuff in there. Like jabs at Crap Rod ( aka A Rod) and slave ship running George Steinbrenner for example. I might actually consider reading this book as it doesn't appear to be a bunch of Yankee praising junk. It does go against my normal "tell all" book policy, but I think this one will be really interesting.

Everyone who watched the Yankees choke in the past 8 post seasons (well I guess that would be 7 post seasons because they didn't make it last year did they?) knows that some ugly stuff had to be going on behind the scenes. Now we get to read about it!

Speaking of reading, man I'm on a streak. I went on a reading hiatus for a while, but now I'm back with a vengeance. Thank you Twilight for igniting my passion again! I'm tearing through books left and right. A book seems to be a new permanent appendage to my hand ( much to the chagrin of my husband). I just finished my current book today, and will go on a hunt for another tonight. It is getting to be an expensive habit though. I've tried the library, but our Simi Library sucks. It never has the book I want, and if it does it only has 1 copy that is already checked out.

Anyone read a good book recently that they would recommend? I like them all, fiction, non fiction, fantasy. I hold no bias!


Jessica said...

Read anything written by Jody Picoult, but some of my favorites by her are: Plain Truth, 19 Minutes, Change of Heart, Songs of a Humpback Whale, and My Sister's Keeper. All really, really good.

Jessica Kay said...

agreed that Twilight made me want to start reading again...but I'm in your same boat...just not sure what to read. I have no ideas for you, although I love any John Grisham book...I think I've read them all, but I didn't like his latest The Appeal...so don't get that one.