Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting There, Slowly but Surely

I taught my 2nd Sunbeams class yesterday, and I think it went a little better. I planned things a little differently, but still ran into some bumps.

I did everything in the lesson manual, but still had 20 minutes left over. We had already colored, eaten a snack and sang. I tried to play " Simon Says" with the kids. They told me they knew how to play, but when the time came they didn't know what was going on. I think they just like to say they know how to do things, whether they do or not. And who can blame them really? They did everything I said, even if I didn't say "Simon says". When they would do that I would ask them " did Simon say to do that?" They would then shake their heads no, but do the same thing 5 seconds later. They just wanted to dance around, so we did. It's nice for me to get the wiggles out too.

I'm just not used to being around kids that age. In fact I've never really been around kids that age for any lengthy time, so I'm not sure what they do and do not understand.

As far as the lesson goes, I did get some response this week. So that was good. I doubt they remembered what I told them 5 mins after the class was over, but that is ok. The point is that in the class they understood (atleast they said they did, but they also said they knew how to play Simon Says...)

My New Year's resolution was to go to the gym more often. Well, it's the 12th of the month, and I've yet to go. Hmm.... maybe my resolution should be getting better at setting and keeping goals. That has never really been a strong point for me. Which is odd because the times that I have set and achieved a goal I felt truly amazing afterwards. So I'd think that remembering the feeling of achieving something would inspire me to do it more.

Well, it's never too late to turn over a new leaf! 24 Hour Fitness, here I come! :)


Craig said...

This is good practice when you have your own little ones running around the house and you ask them questions and they look at you like YOU are the idiot.....Not saying you are trying or need to have one anytime soon, just saying, its good practice. Or as I like to call it, Birth Control.

Liz Cuillard said...

Yes, that is the look I recieve all the time! Atleast I know it's not just me...

Craig said...

Why did you delete your new post???? I liked it. Shows how human and honest you are.

Liz Cuillard said...

Well, I had it on there but thought it might be a little controversial for my readers. I'm not sure if that is information I'd want say your mom to read ( no offense Donna if you read this comment)!