Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The topic of my talk on Sunday was the blessings of following the commandments. I discussed a few different things, but one of the things I talked about was tithing. I think this is something that people who are not LDS just don't get. Even people who are LDS don't get it!

The idea of giving money to church is not new. But, I think Mormons do it a little differently. We are promised (through scriptures and prophets) that if we pay tithing we will be blessed because of it.

This concept is tough for many. It's easy to think it's harder for the poor, but I've never been rich so I don't know. I guess my opinion is biased. But, when you don't have a lot of money to begin with and you give part of that to the Lord trusting that he will bless you because of your faith it can be scary!

It's not like we are desperately poor, but with my pay cut and Jimmy's school riding on the coattails of Christmas we are definitely having to be more frugal with our spending. Things like my mistake that I spoke about in a previous post (that I still don't feel like going into detail about) definitely DO NOT help the situation.

But, we pay our tithing diligently. It can be tough (for me I think more than Jimmy because my tendencies to worry), but I understand and have experienced the importance of it.

On Sunday Jimmy was online and he checked my old pay pal account on E Bay from a few years back. Low and behold there was $71 in there! I thought I had taken it all out, but I guess not.

Then, on Tuesday I sold a really big airline ticket and got to take commission ($158 to be exact) from it.

Lastly, today my co worker said one of the hotels we work with gave her some American Express gift certificates for $100 each and she gave me one for helping her.

So, in the past 4 days $329 sprung up out of no where. It never ceases to amaze me how that works.

At my job we get a bonus depending on how much money we make for the company. The size of your bonus depends on how much you sell (the more you sell,the bigger your bonus).

You have until Dec 31st and the commission tracker starts over for the year. At the end of last year I was so close to the next bonus level. But I only had 3 days left in the year, and it was super super slow because most people were out on vacation.

I had pretty much accepted that I wouldn't get the bigger bonus. When I came in to work after New Years, I looked at my updated stats (how much money I made the company). Somehow I had made enough money to get to that next level. I don't understand where the money came from. I hadn't done anything in the past 3 days. I still don't get it.

I guess that is the thing about being blessings of paying tithing. You don't have to understand it, you just have to be grateful for it.


Megan said...

Thanks Liz - I needed that. It is always nice to hear great stories and great reminders of the blessings of tithing.

Jody C. said...

Yes thank you Liz for reminding me of the blessing of paying tithing. it is amazing how money appears or when you look back thinking times were hard but some how you sailed right through it.