Monday, December 29, 2008

Book Crack

That's they only way I can describe the Twilight books. It's seriously like drugs.

I'm an avid reader, so I'm not sure why it took so long to get me into that series. I guess I didn't really want to (I'm not really a vampire person), but after so so many people loved the books I figured they were on to something.

Another problem was that I knew once I started reading them they would take over my life. And indeed, they have!

I got Twilight for Christmas, finished it 2 days later and am now done with the second book that I got from Carla last night. It is over 550 pages, and I read it in less than 1 day. However I've done nothing but read since I got it. And sleep a little. I wake up and want to read. I go to bed and want to read. I want to spend every minute of my time reading.

It's been a while since I've felt this way about a book. I think the last one was The Da Vinci Code, I could not ( seriously, could not) put that book down. I don't think this is Jimmy's favorite time, me in the middle of books I can't put down. I basically pay no attention to him ( or anything else for that matter) until I'm done.

But I love it. This is why I read, books like this that reel you in and don't let go until you've completed the story. Books that have you thinking about them hours after you have stopped reading. Those are my favorite.

I'm hoping to finish the series by the end of the week, and be able to focus on and get back to real life!


Heather and Spencer said...

I bet you are a vampire person now! Don't feel bad about neglecting Jimmy to read...I neglected my baby for a week to read all the Twilight books! Oh, and I did it again a few weeks ago!

Liz Cuillard said...

Yes Heather, you are right! I so am a vampire person now!

Heather and Spencer said...

I knew you would be is only a matter of time before everyone becomes a vampire person!

Scott and Audrey said...

Oh my gosh I love those books! Have you seen the movie? You know what's awesome... Scott read all 4 books in 3 weeks. It's fun having him read 'em so we can talk about them and we've seen the movie twice! It is so a drug!