Friday, November 1, 2013

A Summary

It's been a while!

We had some visitors a few weeks ago, yay for Mom and Dad! It was great to have them here. We went to Tombstone and the pumpkin patch and had lots of fun. I'm ready for them to come back.

The Red Sox won the world series! Again!Woo Hoo! But now baseball is over and I always get kind of sad this time of year. I'm stuck with football. Football on all the time. 

Baby girl number 2 is doing well, despite a fall down the stairs I had. Yes, word to the wise: don't fall down the stairs when you are pregnant. Luckily I fell on my back. My back felt like someone beat me with a baseball bat, but I went to my Dr and everything looked fine with the baby. 

Halloween was really fun this year! Brynlee dressed up as Rapunzel, and she looked pretty cute if I do say so myself. On Halloween she went trick or treating for like 20 min and said her head hurt. She came home and helped pass out candy until she fell asleep at 7:30pm. Which for her is like 3 hours before she normally goes to bed. She woke up at 10pm and was up alllll night long. Crazy kid. We had so many trick or treaters we ran out of candy at like 7:45. That's even after I poured some of Brynlee's trick or treating candy in the bucket to give away ( like we need all that candy around here!). I loved seeing all the kids dressed up. My favorite was like a 1 and 1/2 year old dressed up as Nemo. She was so cute I wanted to die. 

I absolutely LOVE having my own home. In ways I never thought I could. It's scary and overwhelming and expensive but so so worth it. 

It's finally cool here. Like I get cold now. After the longest and most miserable summer of my life I never thought this day would come. It's beautiful. Now I get why people live here. I can go out walking and go to the park and it's wonderful. 

Thanksgiving is coming, yay! Poor Thanksgiving never gets any play. People just skip right from Halloween to Christmas and I don't get it. I'm putting up my Thanksgiving decorations today, not that anyone will probably see them because visitors are far and few between these days. But I like them. And I can already taste Thanksgiving dinner...mmmm!

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Rachel said...

I know what you mean on having your own home. It is expensive and crazy. But I am always so happy its ours. I can paint the walls if I want to! (but I havent yet because we need to get through Christmas first haha) I can finally decorate and not worry about what we need to do when we move, its fun to have people over etc. Glad you are enjoying it! Hope Arizona winter is good to you!