Monday, November 11, 2013

Kindled and Swindled

I think I've mentioned before that I have a Kindle? I know I wrote a post about how I wasn't ready for an electronic reading device a while back, but my Kindle was a gift. It's nothing too fancy. I can't put pictures on it and go on the internet with it and all that stuff. But I can do what it was actually intended for. I can read books on it.

Turns out that Kindles are really convenient. Almost too convenient. I go onto Amazon, find a book I want to read and with one click of my mouse  ( literally, one click) the book pops up on my Kindle like magic. It's crazy! And, the books are all reviewed so I know if I'm buying crap or not as well as being less expensive than regular books. All and all, my Kindle is pretty awesome. There is just one thing that rubs me wrong...

Some authors will not let you share books! It makes me so mad! If I bought the book, I should be able to lend it to whomever I want. I bought it after all. But nooooo. It seems most authors don't let you lend it at all. ie Nicholas Sparks. Why Nicholas, why? It makes me not want to buy his books out of spite. Or to go buy the paper back and lend it to everyone I see. Pass it around everywhere!

 The few authors I've found that let you lend their books are relatively unknown. And they only let you lend their books for 2 weeks. But I'm fine with that, 2 weeks is plenty of time. Part of what I love about reading is reading a really good book, and then having someone else read it too. Now, unless I pass my Kindle all over the place I can't do that anymore.

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