Monday, November 4, 2013

Feline Love

I was thinking the other night about cats. I'm not sure why...when I can't sleep at night my mind travels to weird things I guess. But I started thinking about how some people don't like cats. A lot of people it seems. I just don't get it.

I've always been a cat person. I've always been drawn to cats rather than dogs. Maybe because even at a young age I knew that I needed a low maintenance pet. I like dogs too, don't get me wrong. I like animals really. But I'm kind of a lazy pet owner, and I need a lazy pet right a long with me. So, what better than a cat?

I think I have the easiest cat on the planet. It's like at Petsmart when our eyes met that day in September back in 2009 it was destiny. As far as pets go, I don't think there is much not to like.

Of course like any pet there is some training involved. Mitzie gets squirted when she tries to scratch on anything she is not supposed to. She gets squirted when she gets on the table or counter. She has always been good about using her cat box. That's all you need to train a cat really, a squirt bottle. I tried to squirt a dog to train him once, didn't work too well. I think the dog actually liked it.

I love dogs too...well trained ones. I just don't want to be the one to have to do the training. They are worse than kids to train! Give me an old tired trained dog any day of the week and I'd be happy to take it. But the barking and the peeing and the chewing and the getting into everything. Oh boy. It makes me tired just typing it.

My cat does have a cattitude... she's a little sassy. I mean she is a Cuillard after all. Everyone in this house has some sort of sass, believe me.

Long story short when it comes to cats I feel like you get a pretty good amount out of them vs what you have to put into them. Feed them once in a while. Clean their cat box every couple of days (or everyday if you are me because I'm anal about it). Squirt them if you see them doing something naughty. In return I get a soft ball of love that follows me around, cuddles with me and makes me feel happier than an animal probably should. Not a bad deal in my mind.

So, to those people out there that don't like cats, besides being allergic I'm curious as to why. Have you ever actually owned a cat before? A bad cat experience? Do tell.


camarasdoodles said...


I also love cats and own two (of course, they own me, we all know that) and don't quite get why people dislike them.

Maybe it is because cats can't be trained to leave alone small animals? Of course, indoor cats don't cause that sort of trouble, but there are a great many outdoor cats where I live and they really wreak havoc on mice and birds.

Audrey Spence said...

Dogs are a lot of work. Mine is like having another kid! He's actually good in some ways. He's horrible when he gets out and runs away as fast as he can following his nose and the only way to get him home is with the car. He will eat the kids food too. But he is the best dog for the kids. He has never once bit either of them and they pull his tail and lay on him. So I can't complain too much. But I'm really hoping my parent's get cats soon. They need them to help keep the mice down now that they're on 5 acres. I love cats though but I'm pretty sure I can't ever convince my husband to own anymore pets. Good thing my mom has 15 chickens, 4 ducks, 2 horses, a dog, 2 parakeets, a snake, and a fish... visiting helps keep my urge for more pets down. But I really hope they get cats. They're so fun!

Heather and Spencer said...

I did have a cat when I was little. And yes, I still hate cats. Most likely it is because I am allergic to them. But I hate that there is fur eveywhere, hate that they try to get up in my business, wanting to smell my things and get their nasty fur on my things. I am just not a pet person. I am lazy and don't want to take care of them (like their litter box. Gross.). They lick themselves and then want you to pet them? Gross. Ya, definitely not a pet person.

Heather and Spencer said...

*everywhere Oh, can't forget an outdoor cat, catching things and bringing it back to the house...just plain gross! Good for people who want/love their pets, because that will never be me. My poor deprived kids...