Thursday, November 21, 2013

In the Mood

As you all probably know, I'm a crier. I always have been, and I hate it. But that is how I express my frustration, anger, sadness even happiness sometimes. I just cry. Embarrassing!

Combine with that pregnancy hormones and watch out! Water works are imminent. Like yesterday. I was driving and in a really good mood. The weather has been amazing here. This is why people live here. Now I get it. Now if we could just do something about that pesky 5 month long summer...anyhow I was feeling extremely happy. I was listening to Christmas music and "I'll be home for Christmas" by Josh Groban came one. Within 10 seconds I was sobbing. Literally sobbing in my car. As I was sobbing I speculated on how quickly my mood changed.

Unfortunately this is not uncommon. I find myself getting really angry about silly stuff. I get really fired up! And I know it's dumb, and I know I'm overreacting. But I can't help the rage. Watch out! It's funny because usually with the exception of crying I try to keep my emotions in check. I guess when I'm pregnant all bets are out the door.

Pregnancy Stats at 24 weeks:

Stretch marks: none, yet! Please let there be none

Nausea: I haven't thrown up in 19 days.19! That's like a record for me! Maybe we've turned a corner here

Cravings: grape nuts. I cannot get enough. I know it's really strange, but I LOVE them.

Insomnia: Yes! Mainly I wake up to pee and cannot fall back asleep. But, I've seen some really interesting TV specials because of this.

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