Sunday, November 24, 2013

Showing Off

When I was little my family would go clothes shopping together. We would come home and my Mom and I would do a "fashion show". We would try on all of our new clothes for my Dad. He was such a good sport. He would always act super excited, and ooh and aah over everything we tried on.

In that tradition, Brynlee took it upon herself to do a fashion show for Jimmy the other day with some of her new clothes. I didn't even tell her to do it,she just did it. She's very into fashion these days. She has tried to wear her Dorothy costume pretty much everyday this week. I let her wear it on Monday,but vetoed it the other days. It's too cold here for a dress right now!

As she pulled on her new clothes and bounced happily to go show her Dad I couldn't help but remember when I was little and how happy it made me that my Dad would get so excited about my new clothes. Heck I'm sure he would still get really excited if I bought a new outfit and showed it to him. He's neat like that. I'm lucky to have such a fun Dad. So is Brynlee.