Friday, October 18, 2013

The Pajama Trap

I'm treading in un chartered waters for me. I'm a stay at home Mom, who is also pregnant. This is a first. I tried my hand at being a stay at home Mom earlier this year and it was tough for me. It still is.I miss getting out of my house and talking with people. The big difference is earlier this year I felt better than I do now.

So here I am pregnant and staying at home. I find myself falling into a familiar trap. Pajamas. Who doesn't love pajamas? And who doesn't feel soooo comfortable in pajamas? Why not just stay in them all day, right? Yes unfortunately I find myself doing this semi frequently. While physically I feel my most comfortable, emotionally I feel like crap. Because I feel like a sloppy bum and I don't like it. Some days I do get dressed just to do stuff around the house. As I'm doing laundry or cleaning or organizing I find myself thinking about how uncomfortable I am. Tight clothes on a growing body. Pants cutting into my gut. Ugh. Why do I make myself uncomfortable just to stay in my house?

I'm wondering, do other stay at home Moms struggle with this? Before I was pregnant this wasn't really a huge problem like it is now. I still found the will to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. I'm just so uncomfortable now most the time it seems like a lot of hassle to be seen by Brynlee and Mitzie. They both try to wedge their way into the bathroom when I'm getting sick so I'm just about positive they don't mind the PJs. Probably not too much judgement from them.

Maybe I need to get more attractive pjs? Ones that don't make me feel sloppy or messy. I'm wearing maternity clothes now so I'm not going to find any clothes that are more comfortable than that I don't think. And lets be real after the baby comes then it's bum clothes, spit up and undone hair for like 3 months! I'm not sure it's going to get better anytime soon!


Sarah said...

I definitely understand how you feel, Liz! But remember there are harder and easier phases in being a stay-at-home mom. And right now, you are in a hard, sick phase. When you are feeling better and have more energy, you will make plans for the day, get dressed, get out, and feel great. So don't be to hard on yourself. In the mean time, I HIGHLY recommend listing to this podcast with Julie B. Beck:

It is awesome. All the archived interviews with her on the Mormon channel are. Hope you feel better soon!

Audrey Spence said...

I still struggle with this. What helps me is to have a routine. I don't like cleaning in normal clothes because I can't afford new clothes and I don't want to ruin them while cleaning so I try to get that done as soon as breakfast is over or before Jackson's nap. If I'm going to do some exercise like a run or walk I do that in the morning so then when I shower while Jack is napping I can at least be dressed around noon and at least feel better throughout the day. Sometimes I'll exercise in the evening too but then its usually later and I come home to get the kids down and shower and go to bed. Even if you just do half a day that makes a difference and then knowing I got what I needed to around the house in the morning I feel a better sense of accomplishment to go with me actually getting dressed for the day :) (almost positive I have adult add... it is hard some days and any sense of accomplishment helps me feel better!)