Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Mother's Intuition

We're having another girl! 

And my mothers intuition told me it was a boy. That same thing happened with Brynlee. I guess I'm lacking in the mother's intuition dept. I should have known it was a girl seeing as it has it out for my life just like Brynlee did. 

I'm really excited to have two little girls though. Sisters! Yay! I always always wanted a sister, and now Brynlee will have one. 

Jimmy and I will start the name battle now I suppose. We've thrown around a few names, but as with the last one I'm sure this will end up being a clash of will. At least now we know the sex so we can really start throwing names out there.

The baby looked good. Measured the right size and all was well. I'm so paranoid about that now. I feel like that miscarriage did me in, and I just keep waiting for something to go wrong. I couldn't sleep at all the night before the ultra sound because I was worried they'd look at the baby and it would be missing an arm or something. Growing a child is so scary!

19 week stats:

 cheese and pumpernickel bread. So weird, I know.  But I love that bread! I could eat a whole loaf

2. heartburn?
Yes! Ugh! I didn't get that with Brynlee until like a month before I was due. Now I have it already. I hate it!

3. nauseous?
Unfortunately yes still at times. I haven't thrown up since last week, but I still have periods throughout the day where I don't feel very good. I'm so ready for this phase to be over, if it ever ends

4.stretch marks?
Not yet...

5. other body issues?
Oh too many to list. And some I don't want to get into on here. The joys of pregnancy. Has it been 40 weeks yet? LOL


Sarah said...

Yay for girls! I want to know the story about how you decided on Brynlee's name. :-)

Audrey Spence said...

I had heartburn a lot the second time around. I always had a huge bottle of tums on hand. I popped 'em all the time. One thing I have managed to avoid is hemorrhoids. I don't know how I've gotten so lucky but most women I talk to almost always get it especially after delivery. Really hoping I keep dodging that bullet! The joys of pregnancy and a changing body that will never be the same! :)