Monday, October 7, 2013

On the Move

I have internet now! Yay! I haven't had it since we moved, so my poor blog has been neglected yet again.

The move was, well a move. Don't move in Arizona in September when you are pregnant if you can avoid it. It was not the most fun day. But, I felt pretty decent and was able to do a lot and am grateful for that. We are moved into our house, and it still seems unreal that it's mine, all mine!

Moving was eventful. At the end of the day, with my car packed to the brim it was time to transport Mitzie. She is decent in the car, and actually usually hops right into her cat carrier. I drove with her from California so I figured driving 15 min to the new house would be no big deal. I had no where to put her but on Brynlee's car seat as the rest of the car was packed full ( Brynlee was thankfully not with me as my friend Megan took her for the day, bless her heart!). As I was driving I hear Mitzie start meowing loudly. I looked back and saw that she had fallen off the car seat and her carrier was now sitting vertically between my seat and the back seat. Mitzie was less than pleased about this. At a red light I tried to reach around with one arm and pull her out. As I'm doing this my foot must have slipped off the brake because I ROLLED into the car in front of me! Seriously. Who else would that happen to? Long story short the lady who I rolled into let me off the hook because I go to church with her ( see it pays to be Mormon. LOL) and she had pity on me. Mitzie howling in the back I'm sure helped my cause.

I'm 18 weeks pregnant. I'm pretty sure I'm feeling the baby move. We find out next week what gender it is. I'm thinking boy. I'm thinking a giant big boy because I'm huge. Seriously. I feel like a cow. I know I'm getting fat for a good reason. Call me superficial, but I really have a hard time watching the scale going up, up up. And feeling my clothes get tight, tight tight. In case you are reading this thinking that I'm exaggerating, or over reacting take a look at this picture. The girl to the right of me. She is due 10 days after me. 10 days! And she doesn't even look pregnant. And there I am looking like I'm 3 months ahead of her.

I've been told it's " all belly". But I can't help but wonder how much bigger this belly is going to get. I'm not even 1/2 way there yet. I'm expecting to go there next week and to be told that it's actually twins and that they missed one before!

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Audrey Spence said...

Isn't it so nice to have your own space you can do whatever you want with? So glad you guys found a home! I really hope you end up having a boy. They are so much fun! You always stretch out a lot easier 2nd pregnancy. I felt like I was getting huge already in my first trimester. Then I measured big the end of my pregnancy and had a nice 8 lb bundle of joy! Delivery was so much easier though (for me at least) the second time so that's always a treat to look forward to! :)