Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Day at Work

I've been working at Chili's for a little while now. I've got the swing of it again and am feeling pretty good. It's funny when I told my Mom that I got a job there she told me I was a lot older then when I worked there before.

Jeez thanks Mom! However... she is right. When I have school and work by the end of the day I want to crawl to the couch my feet hurt so bad. Serving is hard work! But it's kind of like a forced work out for me. I definitely run around and sweat (eww, I know but it gets really hot) enough. It's like 4 hours of paid cardio. I don't remember my body aching like this when I was serving before though.

I've traded my desk job for two very physically demanding activities. Which is good. I like to be moving around. And I like to be semi active. I'm not going to go run a triathlon or anything (ha ha) but I don't like sitting around all day.

I've realized I've developed another trait this time around as a waitress. My attitude is a little...well I've got one. If someone at a table gives me an attitude, they get one back. My favorite is when I ask a table how they are doing and they tell me " hungry". Oh man! That is hilarious! I've never heard that before. I figured you were full, and that is why you are out to eat! So stupid.

But for the most part I really like my job. And I'm making better money that I every have at Chili's as well, so I'm happy with my decision to leave Macy's. At least that is one decision I can be sure about!

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