Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Lazy Man's Marathon

As the Olympics continue I continue to watch. It's easy to get sucked in and get excited about things such as Olympic Speed Walking...ok not that one. But other events that I wouldn't normally be interested it.

Like Marathon running. Watching a giant pack of women run all through London in rain for 26.2 miles is... interesting. To me, that looks like the 7th circle of hell. I will never understand distance running. I just don't get it. I think I'd rather stab a blunt object in my eye ball.

Running seems to be the thing, and people are really into it. I guess I'll throw that one in the pile of skinny jeans on guys and giant sunglasses craze... I'll never understand.

But maybe I can relate on some level, by reading. If there is a multi book series out there, I will read it. No matter how long, I'll read them all. I read all 9 books of the Work and the Glory series. Even though after book 5 I was pretty done with them. I kept going. Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey, Beautiful Creatures, Vampire Academy, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo to name a few. If there is a series, I see it as a challenge.

So that leads me to my current challenge. The Game of Thrones Series. Anyone familiar with these books knows that there are currently 5, with 2 more to be published. They are not the easiest reading. And they are loooong. And based in medieval times with all the warfare and stuff to go along with it. So sometimes I need to throw a book into the mix that is a little more up lifting. Book number 5 which I'm reading right now is over 1000 pages. Have I wanted to give up? Sure I have. Each book in this series is over 1000 pages... that is a lot of the same characters. And a lot of the same story. But I keep going. I must finish. And I love it. I love the challenge, I love finishing the book and I love getting lost in the story.

I'm guessing this is similar to how marathon runners feel sometimes. Except that reading doesn't cause me any physical pain like running does. Although my current book weighs like 15lbs it feels like and holding it up in bed can be really taxing.

Reading is my marathon. A lazy man's marathon. It's like a mind marathon. Maybe runners and I aren't from different planets after all.

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