Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flower Power

Last night Brynlee was a flower girl in a wedding. To be 100% honest I've sort of been dreading it. For selfish reasons. Jimmy was a groomsman in the wedding as well, and I knew it would require a ton of effort on my part to try to corral Brynlee into behaving. This was not a church gym wedding. This was a formal event, with a sit down dinner and everything.

It went pretty well. Brynlee made it down the aisle, and actually threw some flowers. Woo Hoo! That was really my main goal. The reception was a little rough. She does not sit still very well, or for very long. So to try to get her to sit still for a lengthy period of time was hard.

The rehearsal dinner was on Friday night and trying to get her to sit still for that was really hard, so by the time last night rolled around my patience were thin at best.

But she was so cute I could barely stand it. And then the dancing started. And she was the life of the party. At 10pm I had to literally pull her off the dance floor. Turns out she is quite the dancing queen, and stole the heart of just about everyone at the wedding. Unfortunately for me, every time I would go up to her she would run because she thought I was trying to take her home. So I did not get to dance with her as much as I hoped. Or really get any pictures of her.

Besides a few tough moments, like during the ceremony when I had to take Brynlee out because she would not be quiet and the whole audience could hear her yelling " Daddy!!!" As I'm dragging her out there it was a good experience. It might be her only chance to be a flower girl, so I'm glad we did it.

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