Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Under Cover

We've had a fairly mild summer by California standards. I think that is all changing though, starting with today. It was hot, hot hot! Brynlee and I usually go for a walk to... anywhere really. It gets me/us out of the house, and we enjoy that!

However today was not walking weather, that is for sure. So we went to Target and walked around a bit. Brynlee was perfect, no screaming or fussing at all. I went there planning to get 2 picture frames, but left with a whole cart of stuff. Sigh. This always seems to happen to me. I'm not a window shopper.

On the way home, miracle upon miracle Brynlee was alseep! This does tend to happen in the car. However she must have a home sensor or something. I can take her out of the car and she'll still be sleeping away. But the second I walk in my door her eyes pop open and I cannot get her out of the car seat fast enough.

So I thought I'd just drive around a bit longer, not wanting to wake the dormant volcano and all. But where to go? How about into a bunch of gated neighborhoods to admire huge houses that I'll never be able to afford? Yep, sounds like a plan.

Me, being the rule abider that I am felt quite a rush doing this. I waited by gated areas until someone was going in the gate. Then I tailgated them until I was in. So smooth! I even zoomed in a couple of the exit gates after cars had left them. Whew! Wild woman on the loose.

I'm not sure how much Brynlee enjoyed this, but I had a good time. And got out of the house and the heat, so there you go. I'm wondering what you stay at home Moms do in order to not get stir crazy in Summer time? I'm thinking that sneaking into gated neighborhoods is not on the list for most people. I guess I only have 2 weeks left to figure it out, and then it's back to the working world for me. You can all expect to see a significant drop off in my postings at that point...I'll be lucky if I have enough time to pee!


Audrey Spence said...

Luckily summer isn't terribly hot here. I'll still ride my bike with Charlotte and sweat like crazy or we'll just go in the front and let her run around for a few. There are also evening walks after dinner or if a few extra bucks are handy we'll go to the pool. Most the time I'm so busy cleaning or keeping her entertained before I know it I have to cook dinner so the days can just fly by. Oh and you should call me before you go back to work.

Heather and Spencer said...

We have our park days to get outta the house...there is also a beach day once a week (yesterday was only the 3rd time I have gone though, too cold before that). You are always welcome over here, although that wouldnt really be beating the heat. Call me and I will go to Target with you!

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