Saturday, July 24, 2010


After what seems like a week of endless bad news, we finally got a glimmer of good news. The police found Jimmy's car! Still in tact none the less. I guess three drug dealers were driving it, around Simi. All this time I though it was in Mexico for sure, and it was here like 3 miles away.

The car passed by an officer and he thought the passengers looked suspicous. The officer ran the plates and found out the car was stolen. Turns out there were several arrest warrants out for these guys! Every possession we had in there was gone, but the car is in great condition. Minus a cigarette stench and some dirt. And probably a few venereal diseases as well. Jimmy is going to get it detailed on Monday. Black Beauty lives on!

Brynlee is doing well. I think she is bored of the hospital. Who can blame her? Bad news is, we aren't even 1/2 way done in there yet. Ugh. Her IV looks like it might be leaking, so they might need to do a new one tomorrow. I can't wait to bring that poor baby home and have people stop poking her. I still cry every time, which doesn't help the situation.

But other than that she is good. Still no fever. I hold my breath every time they take her temperature, paranoid that she will have a fever and is relapsing. I'm going to be a psychotic Mom when this is all said and done. I'm going to wear a utility belt of Lysol, disinfecting wipes and purel and make anyone who comes within 2 feet of her scrub down. That's if I decide to let her out of the house before she is in college. Still not quite sure about that one yet...


Julia Everts said...

Have you seen the show OCD project? Please don't be like those girls! Also, have you seen Baby Mama? Tiny Fey wiping down every ball in the ball pit, that's how i imagine you...that's how i thought i would be...but then again, i never had anything like this happen to my children. I can't imagine what your going through! You'll be in my prayers! Congrats about Jimmy's car!

Kaye said...

I am so sorry you have to go through this Liz. This is crazy stuff. I am one of those crazy mothers for sure. Once you have a baby in the NICU from illness, you will do everything in your power to prevent it. I don't even allow my kids in the play areas at fast food restaurants....gross! I don't judge you at all, I say wipe em down, put masks on visitors, etc! Scott has always thought I was way too extreme, but I haven't had another kid hospitalized since James was 5 weeks old! We are all thinking of Brynlee and you too for that matter...hang in there!