Monday, July 6, 2009

Burn Notice

So, I'm pretty white. Yep, who knew? I have very fare skin.

Like when I buy make up I have to get the 2nd to lightest one. When I was younger I used to tan up pretty well, but in recent years not so much. As my days of being a 20 something person with little responsibility trickled away, so did my tan. Now most of the light I see is the fluorescent kind beating down on me in my cubicle.

4th of July came, and I'd yet to lie out in the sun all year long. I'm leaving for vacation this week, and am positive I will be the whitest person around. So my one goal for 4th of July would be to get some sun.

I've had my share of sunburns throughout the years. Some worse than others, but all un pleasant. So on Saturday I applied the sunscreen liberally. SPF 30 and I put it everywhere. Or so I thought. I made sure to get some crucial places ( ie top of my feet) that I've missed in years past and ended up paying for it. I laid out in the sun for 5 hours and continued to re apply my sunscreen.

Like always, you feel fine until you are in the shower and you notice red strips starting to appear. By that night it was clear that I suck at applying sunscreen. I'm burnt in some odd places. Like on my arms right above my armpits. I need to get that sunscreen for kids that is purple so you can see where you've put it.

Jimmy is also burnt in some weird places. So yesterday we spent the day hobbling around in pain. My face looks like I'm wearing a mask. How that happened I have no idea. But I look like a raccoon. And no I was not wearing sunglasses. I loaded on the make up to cover it up (I’m sure that is not good for a sunburn, but I can't go out in public looking like a super hero).

So I'm left to wonder, how does this always happen? Always? You'd think with 25 years of sunburn wisdom behind me I'd make sure to put my sun block everywhere. But yet I still end up missing spots. I've tried the spray sun block too. But I seemed to get bunt in even stranger places when I do that.

I'm hoping after this I'll have some sort of a base tan to start with when I go on vacation. Except right now it's raining on Cape Cod, so I'm not sure I'll even see the sun there. Maybe I'm just not meant to be tan!

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Scott & Audrey said...

yay for vacation! post some pics when you get back! i hope you have a ton of fun! maybe i'll make it to mass. some day. maybe if my father-in-law runs the boston marathon again... i wanna visit there so bad!